Friday, January 4, 2013

Ethan is 2 months!

I'm a little delayed on Ethan's 2 month update. This past month has been quite busy little man. We welcomed your dad home, celebrated your first thanksgiving, took you to meet Santa, celebrated Christmas early, said goodbye to daddy, spent your first Christmas with friends and celebrated your first New Years

You also had your first trip to the Er and came down with a virus that lasted two weeks. You sure know how to scare your mama!

You have gotten so big since you were born. You are def not my little baby anymore and I'm doing all I can to slow time down and enjoy every moment with you

You are such a mamas boy. You love to be held at all times and you will only fall asleep holding onto a chunk of my hair.

You are more alert than you were a month ago and you love your play mat. You coo and gurgle at all the lights and try to grab and kick the toys attached to the mat

You are smiling more and more. We have such great conversations at night with you oohing and ahhing at me. It is so fun to listen to you talk

You get a horribly fussy period at night. From around 5pm-9. During that time nothing will console you. I hope that ends soon. Your favorite time to be awake is from 10-12. You def are a night owl like your mommy

Weight- 12lb 12pz
Height- about 20 inches
Diapers- size 2
Clothes- 3 months

I love you to the moon and back

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