Sunday, January 6, 2013

Book Reviews and Nook for sale

One if my New Years Resolutions is to read more and watch less tv. So far I've succeeded but that could be due to the fact that all my tv shows were on winter break. Hopefully I'm able to keep turning the TV off at night and continue reading the stacks of books on my nightstand

What I've read so far

Bloom by Kelle Hamptom

Some of you might be familiar with Kelle's blog Enjoying the Small things. Overall I liked this book. It's the story about Kelle's daughter who was born with Down syndrome. This book made me mad, it made me laugh and it made me cry. As a mother I could totally relate to all the emotions Kelle felt after learning her daughter had Down syndrome and her acceptance near the end of the book was inspiring. If you love Kelle's blog you'll love her book

Bringing up Bebe by Pamela Druckerman

I thought this book was really good. The American author who now lives in France compares the way we as Americans raise kids as opposed to the French way. In general the French are more relaxed then us Americans are according to the author yet their kids are more disciplined than our kids. Very interesting book though at the same time should be taken with a grain of salt. The differences have more to do due to the different cultures and also the many govt programs that France has to offer. I mean free Ivf and free daycare that is required to meet standards set by the govt is way different than what you find in the states. This book is def worth the read though

The Selection by Kiera Cass

This book was toted as a cross between the Hunger games and the bachelor. I'd say its more bachelor than anything. Despite being set in a dystopian world with a caste system in place it was still similar to things today so while the main character isn't rich she isn't starving to death like Katniss. The premise of the book is a competition for the prince to find his princess.
Despite the bad reviews, some cheesy lines and semi-bad writing I really liked the book. I mean who doesn't want to be a princess! This is another series an I'm looking forward to when the second comes out. It was light, fun fluff and I'm not afraid to say I loved it

What are y'all reading lately? Also would anyone be interested in purchasing the original nook. I used it a few times before buying the nook color. I'm selling mine for 40 bucks. Email me if interested

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  1. I really liked Kelle's book too. I'm about to start Gone Girl. I've heard awesome things about it.

  2. I've wanted to read that Bringing Up Bebe book. Is it on Nook as a loaner? You should loan it to me lol

  3. I'm reading Bringing up Bebe right now.