Monday, January 7, 2013

Baby #3- No Way

I had one of those mommy moments last night. You know the one where you have to put the screaming baby down before you totally lose it! The past few nights Ethan is up and screaming from 7pm-2am. This mommy is exhausted.

The daytime hours aren't much better. He's been refusing to nap and will not let me put him down. If I do he screams like he is terrified of something. Poor Gianna has gotten used to entertaining herself but the attention seeking behaviors are coming out. And when I finally am able to get him to nap and put him down, Gianna is asleep as well. It breaks my heart

All day I have such horrible mommy guilt because when one kid is screaming they have my attention and I feel guilty about ignoring the other. I hate it

Finally last night I had to place Ethan in his swing and walk away. Of course I felt horrible for doing that. I hate letting my babies cry. And he would just not settle down. In my head I was cursing out the husband for being gone. I was utterly exhausted and frustrated and getting mad at my little man. I'm sure he could feel the tension coursing through my body. But the 20 min break I took letting him cry in his swing enabled me to calm down and go to my little guy. He finally fell asleep next to me at 2am. G woke up at 4 with a 103 fever. Sigh today is one of those never ending days

Oh did I mention the dogs have dug a huge man hole on the side of the house that is ruining the foundation. Yea it's been an awesome day so far

Of course E has screamed all morning and G is whiny and crabby from being sick so we are all snuggled on the couch. E in the moby and g next to me. I know I'll look back and miss these days and while it might be rough at times the good times far outweigh the bad

However Ethan, if you don't start sleeping more you may lose all chances of getting a younger sibling

Love mom

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  1. Oh gosh, I am so sorry. Emma hasn't kept me up screaming that late, but lately for about a week or so, she won't fall asleep at night until she is so tired and cranky that she is crying loud even when I am holding her. When I finally get her to lay good and play with something to help fall asleep (end of pillow or blankie), she does. I guess I am lucky since it's at 9 pm. It's just different since she was falling asleep at 7 for such a long while now. I am thinking teething is the reason, but I know what you mean about getting frustrated. I have to put her down sometimes and I just don't know what to do because my tension makes it worse on her.

  2. I know how you feel. My 2nd son who is 6 months is a screamer and has been since we brought him home from the hospital. It is getting better and I'm sure it will for you too. I always feel guilty about my older son as well. I try to have some special time with him at least once a day. Im sure it's even harder since your husband is gone. Stay strong, hopefully it will pass soon!

  3. awww i can't imagine how exhausted you are trying to keep your two babies happy! my little lady has never liked for me to put her down for long, although it's gotten better as she's gotten older, but i definitely have thought about how on earth i will do it one day with more kids! way to go, you are a rock star mama!

  4. My #2 is the handful and non sleeper. I hope you are able to rest soon! Just remember that it cannot last forever ;) .... I hope not at least! Haha

  5. Sorry to hear you're struggling. It can be so hard! Just try your best to remember it's just a short season and soon you'll blink and it'll all be over! So much easier said than done!