Friday, January 11, 2013


What should have been a fun week turned out not to be what I had expected. For weeks I was looking forward to my bestie from Wi and her little girl to come visit us. I could not wait. Tuesday was the big day and I had been counting down the days since Christmas

Monday arrives and G wakes up with a fever and runny nose. Snot check showed clear drainage so I figured it was nothing. We spent the day relaxing in pjs hoping to nip whatever it was in the bud

Tuesday arrives and off we go to the airport to pick up our friends! I noticed I didn't feel too good while we were out grocery shopping but chalked it up to not getting enough sleep.

Wednesday morning I woke up thinking I was dying. I had the chills, the shakes and the body aches. G woke up screaming as well so at 4am I had two babies in the bed with me.
We did manage to make it down to the beach Wednesday afternoon and enjoy lunch with our friends but that was it. We went home and passed out on the couch
Yesterday I felt better but G wasn't her usual self. Despite that though the kids enjoyed a trip to the park and another lunch date
Late last night I took E 's temp because up until that point he hasn't been sick. 101 temp. FML
Called the on care pediatrician. Never heard back. This morning 104 temp. I called the drs office and got a referral to the urgent care where G was diagnosed with a ear infection and E tested positive for influenza type A. And just before we were called back into the waiting room the news program on did a lovely update about the deadly flu virus going around

So I'm one terrified mama. Who is still not 100 percent herself. Here's to being under quarantined these next few days and hoping we all get better

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