Tuesday, January 29, 2013

18 months

Gianna- where have the past 18 months gone. Long gone is my soft, cuddly, newborn

In her place is a sweet, smiley, strong willed little girl

They say that a baby changes the most in the first year of life. That may be so but I think the most significant and rapid changes occur in the second year. Especially from 15-18 months. Before your brother was born I could convince myself you were still a baby. After all you were only 15 months. Barely more than a year. While you loved to play by yourself you were still up for snuggling with mommy anytime and loved to fall asleep at night laying on my (huge) pregnant belly. You still needed mommy to do a lot of things for you and you were barely starting to say words. The hair on your head was barely more than peach fuzz and you still relied on cups of milk for the majority of your caloric intake

Fast forward 3 months and my how you've changed. You still love to play by yourself and are so independent. You have to do everything on your own and let me know when I'm being a helicopter mom. You are so strong willed and head strong. You act like you are 5 years old. At the park you nearly gave mommy a heart attack because instead of going down the little kid slide you wanted to godown the big kid slide. Face first. You are not afraid of anything

You love going for walks and you have to stop every second to try and pick up all the rocks on the street. One walk around the neighborhood takes over an hour due to your exploring!

You now love your baby brother. You come find me when he cries and you love giving him hugs and kisses.you also love shoving the pacifier in his mouth as much as you love stealing it from him and putting it in your mouth. Funny because as a baby you hated your pacifier.

You rarely need to fall asleep on me anymore though you still like to cuddle. When brother is sleeping you love having me all to yourself. You immediately crawl into my lap and we play games, song songs and I smother you with kisses and hugs

You are so smart. You can touch your head,ears, nose, teeth, belly and feet. You also can touch mom's when asked.

When asked how old you are you hold up one finger and say one

Your words are slowly coming. You had a language burst before brother was born and then it slowed down which from the toddler book I'm reading states is normal after the birth of a sibling

You currently say
Get down
Ma- milk
Get off
I know I'm forgetting some. You babble incessantly and mimic everything I say. When I read or talk to you you watch me so intently I know you are understanding everything and taking it all in.

You go to daycare one day a week and love it. You have no problem when I leave and your teachers say you are awesome during the day

You are wearing 18 months clothes and size four diapers. I've put you on the potty to see what you would do but you have no interest. Maybe in a month or so

You go to bed around 830 at night and sleep until 7 or 8.

You love to "read" books and play with your blocks and baby goes with you everywhere.

You are such a sweet little girl. Every time we are out you are always smiling and waving at people. You even blow them kisses

When daddy is able to Skype you get so excited and want to steal the iPad away from me. He loves you so much. Never forget that

You have brought so much joy in our lives. I have loved watching you grow every step of the way and each stage keeps getting better and better. You taught me what it means to love unconditionally and I can't imagine my life without you. I love you so much sweetheart

Now lets slow down time ok. I want to cherish every moment with you before you become a teenager!

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  1. Too cute. Not ready for the fact that my baby is a couple of months from her 1st birthday. It's gone too quick.

  2. our girls are getting too big too fast! avrie turned 19 months yesterday! AHhhhhhh