Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Happy 3 Months Little Man

Ethan- I can't believe you are three months old already. Time is just flying by. You are not a newborn anymore. Where has my little baby gone

And little you are no more. You are 16 pounds! Your sister is only 22lbs at 18 months old. It won't be long before you are bigger than she is! Obviously you are a great eater. However after you eat you become quite fussy and gassy. Or you spit everything all up and need to eat again. Gas drops, bouncing, nothing helps. Mommy will def be bringing this up at your next appt

Along with being gassy you are an extremely fussy, colicky baby. You scream and scream for hours
And nothing I do helps. If I do get you to sleep its for 20 mins tops and then you are up screaming again. It's exhausting. Of course I feel like its my fault. Like we aren't bonded enough or you don't feel content.

All I have to say young man is that when you are an adult, married with your own family, that you don't forget the woman who rocked you for hours and hours trying to calm you down. And if you have a colicky baby get your butt outta bed and take over for your poor exhausted wife.

Despite sleep deprivation and your screaming fits things are going great. When you aren't screaming you are a happy baby. You laugh and coo and are extremely ticklish. I love laying on the couch with you tonight and watching you look at me with a big smile on your face. I love you so much

Lets talk about stats. You weigh 16lbs, wear size 3 diapers and are in 3-6 month clothes. Once I get you to sleep at night you will sleep for about a 4 hour stretch which is much appreciated. You love to be held and do not like to be out down.

Your sister loves you so much. She is always trying to give you your pacifier or pat you on the back when you are crying. Granted her oats may be smacks but she means well!

Happy 3 months little man. You completed this family in ways I never thought possible. We love you so much

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