Sunday, September 23, 2012

My thoughts on the RHONJ

I need to stop watching these stupid reality tv shows. They are full of nothing but classless, middle aged woman who have nothing better to do with their time and start drama. They take the meaning of the word catty to a whole new level. And yet as much as they disgust me I can't stop watching!!

So here are my thoughts On this season and the finale

Caroline- you used to be my favorite. I loved how you were all about your family and nothing else. You used to avoid drama and never took part in it. Now you are the biggest pot stirrer of them all. You are such a back stabber and gossiper. And what's worse you are bringing your kids down with you. They are growing up to be mini versions of you. Mean, rude and catty adults. And I'm sorry but you pick on Lauren for her weight have you looked at your boys lately. They are beefing up like pork chops and not in a good way

Melissa-You are def my favorite. You can't sing or dance but I do think you are honest and real. However with the whole set up thing one minute you are telling someone you don't know someone, then you are calling him by name in the bathroom and admitting you used to work for him. So own up to your past. No one cares what you did or didn't do. And did you forget your the one who called your brother and immediately turned on Teresa after she did try and tell you what was going on in the bathroom. Grow up and stop playing the victim

Teresa- you are all over the place. You can never own up to your mistakes or take responsibility for your actions. And your an awful liar. Why can't you just get along with people and stop making nasty remarks about people. This whole season I didn't feel bad for you until the end. I don't think you had anything to do with the set up. Well I hope not at least. But get a clue and leave your two timing husband. He's a douche

Jacqueline- wow, were you a train wreck this season. Every episode was like watching you on the brink if a nervous breakdown. I feet bad for you because I truly think you are a nice, sweet person and are a major people pleaser. Unfortunately that makes people walk all over you. Yes Teresa treated you horribly but I'd watch out for your sis in law. She also manipulates and uses you. I do feel you set Teresa up at the fashion show instead of trying to talk about the situation with her. But no you and Caroline sat there and texted each other like 5 year olds making stupid comments, "oh it's the calm before the storm". Umm ok yet you supposedly didn't know what the set up was or who was being set up. Whatever. Stop playing in the middle and for once stand up for yourself and be honest. And I think it's a good dies you are focusing more on your kids. That's prolly for the best

Kathy- I think you tend to be a pot stirrer but may not do that intentionally. I feel like you are very emotional and take things very personally but hey that Incan relate too. I'm the same way. I love how you always try to give people the benefit of the doubt and avoid the gossip and drama for the most part. But let's talk abut your husband, those bushy eyebrows and glasses got to go. Maybe if he didn't walk around on camera and make stupid, perverted comments that make him sound like a total pedophile they would be ok. But that's just my opinion. He needs to learn to keep his mouth shut at time!

Alright guys, there you have my rant on the housewives. What did y'all think if this season

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  1. super bummed i've missed everything :(

  2. I can't stand the show anymore because of Caroline, she is such a mean girl!!!