Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Midweek Randoms

As you can see things are a little different around here. I changed the name of this blog and updated my look. Isn't it amazing. So simple and clean. I love it! Although I pride myself on being a military wife I wasn't blogging so much about my experiences as a milspouse as I was blogging about my pregnancy and life as a mom. And with a one year old baby girl and  a baby boy on the way I figured that Tutu's and tonka trucks was the perfect name for this next stage in my life. Hope you all enjoy the new look!!

Now for my midweek randoms
- In exactly one month I will be meeting my little man. My c-section is officially scheduled for Oct 19th! Eek that is coming up so fast. 4 more weeks to go. Baby boy def dropped this week and I'm enjoying being able to breathe again.

- I applied for a job. I know I know.what am I thinking. I'm four weeks out from having a baby and with my husband gone and two babies at home how can I go back to work.But I'm hoping that with this job I can work part time. Barely part time. Like only one day a week. We shall see

- I think I am going to sign Gianna up for childcare. The church we have been attending opened up a brand new children's wing. They now offer part time childcare, preschool and VPK. It is a gorgeous state of the art facility. Gianna goes to childcare there on Sundays when I attend church and on Wednesday nights when my small group meets. I love the ladies that work there and Gianna does to. Even if I don't go back to work I think putting Gianna in a childcare setting one day a week for five hours would be good for her. Not to mention I'd get a little break. With the new baby coming and hubby being gone it will be nice to have one day with inky one kiddo at home. That day I can use to run errands and clean the house knowing that Gianna is being stimulated and playing with kids her own age.

- The thought of putting Gianna in childcare, even for one day a week makes me cry every time. Feelings of mommy guilt arise making me feel like the worst mom in the world. ugh

- yesterday I hosted a playdate for my Mops group. We met at this local coffee shop that has a back room full of couches and toys specifically for the local moms groups in town to meet and hang out at. The shop is run by a local church and Is completely non profit. All proceeds go to the church and their various charities and missions. Perfect right. You get to go hang out with your friends at a cute little coffee shop and still contribute towards something good in the community. Wrong! The people that work there were beyond rude. They acted like they were doing us a favor by taking our orders and they kept coming in the back room and taking the toys away from the kids. I had reserved the room for two hours and after we had been there a half hour one came back and commented on how we had better clean up our mess and that we weren't the only people that were going to use that room. I totally understand her wanting us to clean but her tone could have been a lot nicer. So my friends and I packed up our stuff, cleaned and left. I will never be going there again and I will be telling my Mops group about the horrible service and attitude of the owner and employees of this shop. Next time I will go to Starbucks

- after the horrible playdate yesterday I stopped at the Dollar tree. I grabbed a soda and a basket and went to wait by the register to be helped. No one came to help me although plenty of employees came out and saw me waiting. For over 5 mins I waited and at this point Gianna was asleep in the cart and I had 4 people behind me. Finally a man came up, walked to the register next to me and helped everyone before me. I was livid. I debated throwing two dollars on the counter for my merchandise and walking out. But since I didn't want to spend the night in jail I waited and waited. How rude are people in customer service nowadays.

- the fabric for baby boys bedding came in. Next week Tuesday a friend and I are going to spend the day sewing his bedding. I'm so excited to have the nursery feel more complete

- next weekend I will be heading down to Destin for a military wives retreat. I get to spend the weekend at the Hilton( for free) and childcare is provided. I can't wait to get away and spend some time relaxing with my friends. I figured I'd better take advantage of this retreat now before the baby comes!

And that's about it. Happy Wednesday everyone

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  1. I love the new look, it is amazing! :)

  2. Very nice look! I was confused at first, thinking I was on the wrong blog haha