Monday, September 17, 2012

33 and 34 week Bumpdate

I have been slacking horribly with blogging and with my weekly pregnancy posts. Gianna is teething(for the 100th time) and for some reason this time has been the hardest for her. Poor thing. So it's been a long week in our household!

I can't believe I am already 34 weeks. My c-section is scheduled for Oct 19th! Sept 27th I go in to meet with the Dr doing the surgery. Im excited and nervous at the same time. Oct 19th is coming up fast!!

Now for my bumpdate

  • How far along?  34 weeks!!! 
  • Total weight gain:  20 lbs.
  • Maternity clothes?  Yes. I'm running out of things that fit so I wear a lot of dresses or sweat pants
  • Stretch marks? My old ones are turning pink and I've noticed some new ones crop up. I'm trying not to worry about it until after baby is born. Then I'll be sad about my once smooth stomach!
  • Sleep: I barely sleep. I'm exhausted during the day and up all night. It's awful
  • Best moment this week:  Today baby boy's material for his bedding arrived at my front door. A friend is helping me make it so I can't wait to get that done and finish decorating the nursery.
  • Miss Anything? Not really
  • Movement: Baby boy is breech of course and he is up really high. I get lots of hard punches and rolling movement in my ribs and upper abdomen area. He is a lot stronger and bigger than Gianna was at this point
  • Food cravings: Pizza, mozz sticks, donut's. You know, anything that is horrible for you
  • Food aversions: Nothing now
  • Gender: Boy.
  • Labor Signs: Lot's of braxton hicks
  • Symptoms:Horrible crotch pressure. One day last week I could have sworn I was in labor. It was awful. Heartburn, indigestion, lack of sleep, and fatigue. Some days it takes all my effort and energy just to put one foot in front of the other. Oh and terrible sciatic pain. Like to the point where I can't walk. That is one thing I never had with Gianna. I looked like a gimp taking out the garbage this morning
  • Belly Button in or out? It's flat
  • Wedding rings on or off? On today but depending on the hear some day's I have to wear my fake one
  • Looking forward to: My baby shower Sunday. I can't wait to celebrate baby boy with my friends. I also plan on heading to Target the day after to finish getting everything I need for our little man. I'm so excited. The hubs thinks I will have him early like I did Gianna so these next two weeks are going to be very busy getting everything set up and prepared for his arrival
I also have been looking for the perfect big sister gift for Gianna. Any idea's?

And now for some belly pics


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