Thursday, September 20, 2012

A letter to my firstborn

I can't believe you are 14 months old already. These last 14 months have flown seems like just yesterday you were placed in my arms for the first time and now you are little Miss Independent, talking and walking all over the place.

You have filled my life with such joy and gave me a whole new purpose in this world. I love being your mom and having you in my life has made me feel even more complete. Your dad and I love you more than we can ever say and I just hope that through the years we do a good job of telling you and showing you that every day

When I first found out I was pregnant with your brother I was sad. I felt like I was jipping you out of a childhood. I vowed that the next 9 months would be full of one on one binding time just you and I. And I failed you. Some days it took all my energy just to get outta bed and now a month before your brother arrives I'm back to feeling utterly exhausted all the time. I so wish to chase after you and run around outside playing every minute of the day but a few minutes is all mommy can handle. I feel so guilty when I turn on bubble guppies for an hour and veg on the couch while you zone out in front of the tv.

And yet you don't seem to notice. I try to fill our mornings with activities and spend as much one on one time with you as possible. No matter what we are doing though you are happy to be spending time with me. You are such a happy, content little girl and it melts my heart watching you play. You are so sweet and show such love and affection to your baby dolls and stuffed animals that I know you are going to be an amazing big sister to your brother. You are also such a cuddler. I love that every morning when you wake up you reach up to me and grab me around the neck and squeeze as tight as you can. There is no better feeling in the world.

I want you to know that after your brother arrives you are still my little girl. I will never be to busy or caught up in something to not be there for you. Nothing will change after his arrival. I never want you to feel like you are competing for my attention. Every spare moment I get will be spent with you. And while it might be an adjustment for the first few months, I know that it won't be long before you and your brother are conspiring against me. For I know the two of you will be lifelong best friends. Well I hope at least!

I love you so much baby girl. I am truly blessed to have you as a daughter. Although I wish time would slow down and you would stop growing up so fast I can't wait to create memories with you and watch you grow.

Love Mom

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  1. Oh Katie, this is a beautiful letter! It will be something amazing for Gianna to read when she gets older. She and her brother are blessed to have you as their mother. You can just tell how much you love them. :)

  2. you're going to be a WONDERFUL mama to two, and I LOVE the blog design! SO cute!!

  3. Love this..if I wasn't at work, I would have definitely let myself cry. I can't wait till I write my little Emma notes like this.