Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Casey Anthony Trial

Now that I am a stay at home wife I have plenty of time to catch up on current events.The hubs comes home everyday to me watching CNN or HLN. My favorite daily activity is watching the Casey Anthony trial.

My degree is actually in Criminal Justice and right after college I worked at my city's police department in the Juvenile division as a clerk. The unit dealt with missing person's, sexual and physical abuse of a child, neglect and domestic violence. I remember when the Casey Anthony story originally broke. It was so sad to think of a mother killing her child. I was also working the night the story broke that little Caylee's body was found. I remember all of us commenting that she was guilty

So now I am all wrapped up in the trial and am eager and anxious to see what the jury decides. I so wish I would have gone to law school!.

Personally if it was me I would convict her

And here is why...
1. If she was innocent why all the lie's? Why make up a nanny, a job, and accuse her father and brother of sexual assault if she was innocent. And what good do those allegations do anyway. There is no report of sexual abuse made to the police. NO physical evidence. It can't be proved. And even if they did sexually abuse her, does that make it ok for her to kill her daughter

2. What parent would wait a month before reporting her daughter missing. And during that month this same parent partied all the time, got a tattoo in remembrance of her daughter and spent time with her boyfriend, making no reference to Caylee or trying to find her supposedly missing daughter

3. I do not understand why Cindy is covering for her daughter.That boggles my mind. Even yesterday when the defense tried to make George Anthony look bad by commenting on how he wouldn't place his house up for bond money I had to laugh. My dad is a detective and from little on we were told if my brother and I ever ended up in jail we were not to call him. He would not get us out. And my dad would do anything for us. But the law is the law and he believes people should suffer the consequences of their actions.

4. The supposed mistress. She cracks me up. Regardless if they actually had an affair, Im not sure what that has to do with a murder trial. I understand the defense is trying to make George look less credible as a witness but come on. This woman is lying! My dad has been in law enforcement for 33 years. He is an awesome interrogator and has spent numerous time in court testifying. He always says you can spot a liar by those who shift their eyes, look all around the room and can't maintain eye contact. She def couldn't look at one spot for long. And her selling her story to the National Inquirer because they would tell the truth. Please!

5. There are just so many inconsistencies. I def don't feel the defense proved anything they claimed in their opening statement. So now we all have to wait and see what the jury decides. What do you all think. Are any of you as obsessed with this trial as I am?


  1. I listen to the trial all day at work and I am obsessed too! I agree with everything you have said, and I think the duct tape over her mouth proves it was no accident. I thought the same thing about Cindy, and my mom told me that she understands where Cindy is coming from because she has already lost her grand daughter, and she does not want to lose her daughter too. She said you love your kids no matter what, and she knows she is going to jail she just doesn't want her to get the death penalty. I guess when we have our babies we will fully understand the love a mother has for her child =)

  2. I don't seek information on the trial, but evey morning during the commute they talk about it on the radio show I listen to and recap the previous day and I'm hooked on hearing about it then. Sadly, I think there is enough doubt that there will be one juror who is kind of undecided and she will not face guilty on the murder. I think she'll serve some time for neglect or some lesser charge... I'm excited to see the outcome.
    I see where the mother was coming from- same as Amber said- you love your kids no matter what and don't want to lose her to the death penalty. I think she's screwed when they bring in the new witnesses from her job! All it takes is an e-mail sent from a work computer at the time and she's done.

  3. I am all over this case. Every day, I'm glued to my computer monitor, watching it live on the Orlando Sentinel website. I agree with everything you said, pretty much, exactly.

  4. I am totally obsessed. I totally agree with all your conclusions, and I will honestly be so incredibly disheartened if she isn't convicted of murder 1.

  5. I didn't really follow until we got to my boyfriend's parents' house in Michigan. They had HLN on 24/7 and would literally sit there all day long & watch. I can't believe they found her not guilty! Even IF (which is a joke), she didn't murder her daughter, they should've nailed her for neglect for not calling the authorities when her daughter "accidentally" drowned in the pool! What a joke!