Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Wednesday Wish List

Since the hubs and I are now down to one income and are trying to save as much money as possible my shopping days are limited. But that doesn't keep me from shopping online! So I thought I'd create a post of all the things that are on my wish list. Even though it will be awhile, if at all before some of these items are purchased

The Timi and Leslie Charlie Diaper bag. Who wouldn't want a diaper bag that boosts clients such as Victoria Beckham and Jessica Alba

This sexy swimsuit from Victoria Secrets. I'm afraid till will have to wait until I'm bikini ready again and not 8 months pregnant

This waterfront home in Destin. Unfortunately unless we win the lottery sometime soon I forsee this house remaining on my wish list forever

A trip here... to the Cosmopolitian in Las Vegas. Long before I was married I dated a guy who moved to Vegas. Since we did the distance thing I went out to Vegas quite frequently. This hotel was just being built then and that was in 2004. Now it's finally up and open and it looks amazing! The first trip the hubs and I took together was to Vegas and we have been itching to go back. Hopefully sometime in the near future we will make it back there

I cannot wait to read this book. Melissa Rycroft was my all time favorite Bachelor contestant and celebrity on Dancing with the Stars. Her book comes out in August so I'll be impatiently waiting to read it

And this would be amazing

But this is probably more our style.

I would love a boat for this reason...

to go to crab island. It's this island at Fort Walton beach. Everyone docks their boats on this huge sandbar and has one big party. You can walk forever on this sandbar right in the middle of the ocean. They have drink boats and boats that sell food and one huge giant water slide you can slide down. We want a boat just to go here. Maybe someday we will find a good deal on a used pontoon!

And I think that's about it. Join in the fun and tell me what's on your wish list!


  1. Girl. I love each and one of those wish lists... and i LOVE online shopping. its so hard not to, especially with all the wonderful things out there! I'm going to make a wish list as well :)

  2. i so want that bag. wish list, for sure. thanks for another amazing post love. please swing by to see pics of my latest celebrity trend report. xoxo

  3. Sooo many of my friends are going to Vegas or have recently gone. I am thinking of going as a grad trip after I get my Master's :D

  4. That's quite the list! The bigger the diaper bag, the better! I want another date sans baby with my husband. It was amazing.