Monday, June 27, 2011

A Week in Review and Camera suggestions

Sorry I've been MIA the past week. I've had family in town. Last Sunday my dad, brother and brother's girlfriend arrived in town. My dad brought everything down from the baby shower I had in Wisconsin. I was able to finish up all of lovebug's laundry and finally finished decorating the nursery.

The rest of the week was spent at the beach and enjoying time with my dad, brother and his gf. It's always hard having people in town to visit and having to please everyone. My dad is one of those guys that likes to do things a certain way. My brother and I are used to it but it still gets annoying at times. However what is it about family that they can annoy and irritate the crap out of you but when it's their time to leave I cry hysterically. At least they will be here in another month for lovebug's grand arrival

On Thursday we went down to a festival at Harborwalk in Destin. They had free fireworks and for those with kid's had many activities for them. WE enjoyed eating dinner and walking around the marina. While there we signed up for a two hour boat tour to go on on Saturday. The boat was called the Seablaster and I couldn't wait to go on it. The hubby was leery at first. Especially when my family nicknamed it the baby blaster. I made sure to check with the captain of the boat for any pregnancy restrictions but there were none. Hubs finally agreed to let me go and I'm so glad we did. WE did a sunset cruise and the hubs and my family enjoyed free beer and wine for the duration of the cruise. It was so much fun

ON the cruise we learned that parts of the movie Jaws was filmed here in Destin and the boat used in the first movie is still docked in the marina. WE also passed Garth Brook's house. It was huge. I would attach pictures but my camera decided to take a crap

While on the cruise I took a picture of the sunset. When I went to view the picture a message popped up saying card error. I tried taking another picture and my camera wouldn't even take a picture. I immediately became upset. ALl my pictures for the past three years were on this camera. The hubs bought me this camera in January of 09. We first really used it on our honeymoon and when we got home uploaded the pictures to my computer. For some reason the camera was set up to delete pictures off the card after being uploaded so we lost all of our honeymoon pictures. Luckily i had them on my computer but a few months later my computer died and we couldn't access the hardrive. So all of our honeymoon pictures were lost. So since then I only upload my pictures to facebook and never save them on the computer. My mistake. I have lost every picture that hubs and I have taken together. ALl three years of our marriage and memories gone. The hormonal pregnant girl in me tried so hard to not be hysterical. Hubs is trying to recover the pics but I don't know if that will work

So I now want a new camera. I refuse to use this camera again. Any suggestions. We said once baby girl arrived we would invest in a new camera, either a nikon or a canon. Hubs prefers Nikon's but I hear Canon's are awesome. My old digital camera is a canon and always worked great but now I want something more. One with interchangeable lenses and all that. So tell me what you think

Well I probably should get back to cleaning and catching up on laundry. Lots to do today!


  1. I highly recommend Canon.
    I have a canon rebel (35mm) from back before the digital days, and I recently upgraded to the DSLR version. Love them both. Amazing cameras with amazing lenses. I have the T2i (now they have the T3i's out) and it's pretty amazing.
    If you're not in the market for a DSLR, I would not buy a nikon point and shoot. In the past 5 years I went through FOUR nikons. I got ones where the lenses popped out, and ones where it was all internal. It didnt matter. They all lasted less than a year before they decided to say "lens error" and stop working. Every. Single. One of them! The first one I had a warrantee through Best Buy with, so I got it fixed. As soon as the warrantee ended: Lens Error. Again. It was so aggravating. I went with Nikon because they were also cheaper than a similar canon, and came in pretty colors, but I've since learned my lesson, and will never purchase another Nikon as long as I live. lol

  2. I'm in the same boat & am looking at the Panasonic Lumix DMC G2. It looks super user friendly, but with all of the bells & whistles for someone who is going to take the time to learn it.

  3. I have a Canon Rebel and love it, my old job we used Nikon D200s and they were awesome.

    Regarding your photos... always always back them up! I have my photos on the computer, then two different external hard drives. When my last computer erased its internal hard drive I still had the photos on the hard drives.

  4. in my opinion. Nikon is the way to go but I am a photographer and have been a Nikonian my whole life. With a new baby I would stick with a compact digital camera(CDC) and not a full size DSLR. Those cameras are heavy and not easy to carry around with a baby, diaper bag and things like that. I would hope you would buy the proper camera bag for a DSLR as they are not cheap and should not be just thrown in a diaper bag. Nikon makes really great compact digital cameras.
    With my son I carry around the CDC and its much easier to capture those spur of the moment things that happen while out and about. AND if you ever ask a stranger to take your picture in public its much easier to explain to them how to take the picture. I try to hand my D7000 to a stranger and they look so overwhelmed on just how to hold the dang thing and even with the basic instruction the picture ALWAYS comes out blurry. People wont even touch the D3 (which I am perfectly ok with...).
    A CDC is perfectly capable of taking GREAT pictures that can be printed in very large sizes. I would get something with 12mp and up. I currently have a Nikon Coolpix P300 and LOVE it. LOVE it. A lot of people seem to like as well since it has great reviews too.

    Good luck on your camera quest and feel free to ask me any questions. I could talk for days about camera specs. :o)

  5. I have a nikon coolpix with 15x zoom and I love it! It has all kinds of different settings, from museum to sunset/rise, text, and sooo many more.

  6. I have a Nikon D5000 and I adore it!

  7. i have a nikon d3000 (the new model is d3100) and love it. it is extremely user friendly and you can attach whatever size lens you want.

  8. thanks for following my blog! im following you right back lol. i hope you have a wonderful day! :)

  9. I love our Canon Rebel:-)

    Glad things are going well Katie I've missed your blog!!!