Thursday, June 16, 2011

Seriously Thursday!

It's that time of week again. Head on over to from Mrs to Mama and link up and share with everyone the things that made you say Seriously this week!

1. Seriously... After three long months we are officially homeowner's! The seller's kept changing the closing date which was highly ironic since we were paying them daily rent until closing. So on our original closing date we found out the day before they decided to go on vacation. Umm seriously, what a scam to make more money off us. Oh and did I mention they were upside down on their loan and was saved by a govt program that forgave them the difference from their loan and wiped the slate clean credit wise and also took care of all expenses they would have had to cover. Yup so the seller's made money off the govt and off us. The one thing they were supposed to cover was all repairs made to warranted items in the house. This they agreed to in the contract. These repairs all had to be made before the closing. Well these people refused to do that. So the hubs and I took care of all that, out of our own pocket since we didn't want the closing to take even longer. So yea these people got out scott free. Seriously! But at least this is finally over and we are homeowner's!

2. Seriously...I've been reading up and watching coverage on the Casey Anthony trial. Yesterday I saw that many believe the prosecution didn't prove their case and when the jury was polled many would find her not guilty. Seriously!

3. Seriously... I need a new camera. The hubs got me a nice one a few years ago but I want something I can do more with. I'm looking at either a canon or a nikon. You know the ones with the changeable lenses. I'm obsessed with pictures and my camera limits my options. Anyone know a good camera to get

4. Seriously... Whenever I go to the dr I get so nervous. I hate them! So of course my blood pressure is always slightly high at first. It's gotten better since I've gotten used to going to the dr more frequently since being pregnant. But on Monday when I have my 2nd appt here at my new dr's office he told me I was high risk. Seriously. At my old dr's office they said I would have no issues since I was not considered high risk but I guess here when they looked over my records and saw I had two higher readings they flagged me with chronic hypertension. Since my bp was fine that day the dr said he wasn't concerned and we didn't need to do anything about it until I got another high reading. Still now I'm freaking out. Im already anxious about labor and can't help imaging worst case scenarios! So now I"m just trying to take it easy

5.Seriously... I have even more of an excuse to watch reality tv. Nick Young, one of the contestants on So You Think You Can Dance is from my hometown. I even danced at his mom's dance academy for a few years and he also graduated from my high school. Granted he graduated 9 years after I did but hey it's cool watching someone you "know". Now when I turn it on the hubs can't ask me to turn it off hehe

6. Seriously...I need a pool. It is so hot here in Florida

7. Seriously... Never get a new driver's license picture taken when pregnant. I went and got my new florida license and my red, blotchy face and double chins are present in full force! I only hope my maternity pictures don't turn out as awful as my license pic

Alright I probably should get back to cleaning around the house. My dad, brother and his girlriend are coming into town this weekend for a visit!


  1. Congratulations on becoming homeowners! So exciting!

    I'm a Canon girl, so, I'm going to suggest a Canon Rebel (any of the series) as a starter "nice" camera. I had the Canon Rebel XTi as my starter, and now I have the Canon 50D. :)

  2. Congrats on becoming homeowners!!! It is sad you guys had to do all the leg work and the previous owners got off easy, but either way yay!! :)

  3. I'm also going to suggest a Canon Rebel. I have an XS, the basic of the basic and it does what I want it to for just a hobby camera. Though if I had had my choice I probably would have gone with a XTi. Anything in that range though would be perfect for what you want it for, but not break the bank. There are also a lot of "starter" kit options when you order online, mine came with a kit lens (18mm-55mm) and a zoom lens (55mm-300mm). Good luck and happy shopping! :)

  4. Congrats on owning your own home!! That's exciting on top of being future parents!

    Don't be nervous about your labor and delivery, I promise the build-up is bigger than the actual event & you'll realize soon after how much it was worth it!

    Congrats all around! Good luck & God bless!

  5. Your sellers suck. And make it miserable for the rest of us. I was a real estate agent for ten years and I saw some of them try that stuff on my clients, but I didn't let it happen.

    Are you thinking digital camera? If so, I have the Sony Cybershot. I hate trying to use it outdoors, as the sun makes it impossible to see what you're focusing on. If you are thinking 35mm let me know. I have an AWESOME Canon AE outfit with other lenses that I'm getting ready to put on ebay. In pristine condition.

  6. That sucks about the previous owners, I HATE people like that. Congrats on being homeowners though!!!

    I have a Nikon L110 and I love it. I want a big one that you can switch lenses too, but haven't gotten that far. This one is great, it fits in my purse and takes really nice pictures and it was pretty affordable.

  7. New reader :)

    What a bunch of crap from the old homeowners. I guess in that situation, there really isn't much you can do.

    As for the camera, for a beginner I would recommend a Canon Rebel.(it's a DSLR) They're user friendly, and the lenses tend to be a bit more affordable.

  8. i always feel like my drivers license pics look like that... and i'm not even pregnant. they never look good.

  9. I love your home... I would like to know how did you create your buttons on your site? I'm an Army Wife also and I have a blog:
    I need help on making a blogger button. Hope you reply. If you do could it be on my blog please thanks so much in advance.