Monday, June 20, 2011

Our First Home-Picture Overload

Now that we have officially closed on the house I thought I would share with you pictures of our new home. The hubs says this is borderline rude, he hates having people think we are stuck up or trying to brag. But since I am excited for our new home and since I use this blog as a way to share info with all of our family members and friends back in Wisconsin I decided to share pics with y'all!

All the before pic's have the previous owner's stuff in them since we looked at the house when it was still occupied

Front of the house-With our realtor walking to the door

Back yard-Though we don't have the swingset anymore
Front Hallway

Our Photo Wall

Kitchen Before

Kitchen After- We plan on redoing the cabinets in this room possibly within the next year. The counter tops have flex's of gray in them so we picked a wall color to bring out the counter tops. We then plan on putting in dark colored cabinets and matching the appliances since right now some are white and some are gray

Dining Room=with previous owner's stuff

Dining room after-We thought a den would be more practical for us right now. That way it can be the hubby's man room and later on the kid's play room

Nursery before-Again with the prior owner's things

Sneak peak of lovebug's nursery. Much better wall color

Guest Room before-This was their little boy's room

Guest Room after

Another view of the guest room- We still want to get a new comforter set for this room and blow up pictures of our favorite beach houses we took on vacations to put in the frames above the bed

Our Guest Bath

Living Room Before-Once again with the previous owner's things

The walls are a horrible peachy yellow. They needed to go as soon as possible

Much Better- Living Room After

We still need to add some finishing touches to this room decoration wise but it looks way better than it used to

Our Master Bath

Master Bed Before

Master Bed After

This is another room we are still planning on finishing up decoration wise once we get some new pictures and things

So there's a little tour of our house. Now that everything is finally painted and put away we can focus on adding those little touches that make a house a home. But kudo's to the hubby for doing all the painting in a few short weeks. He has worked so hard to make this a nice home for lovebug and I. This week I hope to finish the nursery so as soon as that is done I will post that for y'all to see


  1. omg your house is gorgeous!!

  2. Wow! It's beautiful! Congratulations!!

  3. Looks great, will your hubby be getting out of the military and you guys settling down there?

    I only ask because we've had multiple friends get screwed over after purchasing homes then PCSing and having renters ruin the house or have a terrible time selling it. That is the major reason we've decided to wait until our final duty station or after to purchase a home.

  4. Very nice! Love all your wall colors. It's cute to see all the baby stuff in the pictures too, how exciting!

  5. What a lovely house! We are house hunting and one of the houses I like had that exact master bathroom set up :)

  6. I love your house!!! Beautiful pictures!