Sunday, June 5, 2011

Diaper Bags

What Mom to Be who loves purses and handbags doesn't get all excited over diaper bags! When we found out we were expecting we bought a bag from the Coach outlet and my sweet MIL bought me the cutest one from Vera Bradley in my favorite pattern! So I should be pretty set. Except the hubs wants to find one that holds more stuff and that is more gender neutral. That way he won't be too embarrassed lugging it around. I guess I can't blame him. Every where we go, whether it's to the beach or on a trip he always ends up carrying my bag, or at least holding it while I run off to go do something. I can see how a flowery purple diaper bag might not be something he wants to carry around in public

So ladies any diaper bags y'all recommend. I of course would love the Timi and Leslie diaper bag but not on only is that one not guy friendly but I think the hubs would have a fit if I bought it!

So what bags do y'all recommend. Is a bag just a bag or are there ones out there to carry more than other's and are more durable! I'd appreciate all the input

Thanks lovelies!


  1. We have the SkipHop Dash Deluxe (can be bought at Target,) in red and we LOVE it. I let my husband pick out the color (it's his favorite football team color, ha!) and it is one of the most well made bags I have ever seen! It clips on so easily to a stroller, freeing up any basket space during shopping trips, and the pockets are numerous and practical.

  2. I have a Kate Spade diaper bag for myself, and bought Tyler a Diaper Dude from Babies R Us. Its a black and gray messenger-style bag, but has great pockets and storage for when he comes out with us. They have a couple different colors and styles and it was under $50.

  3. We went with the Coach Diaper bag lol, but we got the plain black one, and the interior is dark green, that way Paul doesn't feel awkward carrying it.

  4. I love my Mrs. Smith's diaper bag. I seem to be recommending it a lot lately :) I have the exotic - which is plushy on the outside, and it's pretty gender neutral as it is a giraffe print. They have a daddy bag, too, though, which is brown leather. A little smaller in the top part, but still has the drawer. Here's a link!

  5. I have a Petunia Picklebottom and love it. I got my Mom the Vera Bradley one and that one's working well too...