Monday, June 6, 2011

Weekend Recap in Pictures

My good friend from NC came to visit us this weekend. She just graduated from PTA program and was taking a much needed break from studying. Her husband is deployed and her family lives in Tampa Fl so she has been spending the last few weeks down here already. It was so nice to see her and spend time with her. She is also pregnant, currently 15 weeks and is beyond excited!

Friday we went to the Gulfarium. The aquarium right along Fort Walton Beach. My dream job has always been to be a dolphin trainer. Growing up in Wisconsin for 24 years however made that dream a little impossible! But everytime we have gone to Florida I always find the aquarium's or dolphin research center's to visit. My friend actually did train dolphins! She grew up in the midwest like I did but moved to Florida after college and worked at an aquarium. I'm so jealous! Here are some pics from our weekend

Of course when we arrived we had to get ice cream!

The Sea Lion Show

Zac the 600 lb dolphin!

Princess the diva!

Isn't he amazing. ALl I wanted to do was jump in the pool and swim with them!

The view of the pier overlooking the water. Gorgeous!

The hubs and I

Being goofy! He was such a good sport catering to two pregnant girls this whole weekend!

32 weeks and 15 weeks!

Beach Bumps

It was such a great weekend. The hubs is off one more week and it is a busy one. We have our birthing classes tonight and Wednesday. Maternity pictures tomorrow night, we finally close on the house on friday plus we have a ton of cleaning to do. Hopefully though by Thursday we can spend some more time at the beach! It never gets old!

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