Monday, July 4, 2011

4th of July and Weekend Recap

Happy fourth everyone. I am so thankful to have my hubby home this year with me! Although as excited as I was for this weekend it def didn't turn out the way I wanted!

I was so excited the hubs had a four day. Friday we kicked off the day by heading into Destin and doing some shopping. I got the rest of my items for my hospital bag and hubby caved and bought me a pool! I don't know how anyone lives in Florida without one. My parents have one and we live in WI where suet occurs for three months outta the year. I need a pool. So we got one of those 15 feet around, 3 feet deep fill up ones. I was so excited! Then we went to see Transformers 3. Seeing parts of downtown Milwaukee and scenes held in the Milw Art Museum made me really homesick for home. After dinner we went out to dinner and headed home

Saturday we planned to stay in and fill up the pool. Only problem was that our backyard is on a slight slope downhill. So no matter where we moved the pool the back end would collapse and overflow. After trying for 8 hours to fill up the pool, literally having 8 hours worth of water go into the pool the hubs became frustrated and decided to stop trying. I became upset because I really wanted to set up the pool abs of course we started to bicker. Oh did I mention we locked ourselves outta the house. Yup so off we went to sit at a neighbors and try and call a locksmith. Let's just say we ended the night on opposite ends of the couch barely talking. It had been a long day

Sunday- I got up and cleaned since we were having our good friends over for a cookout. My bestie from NC hasn't made the move down to FL yet. Her hubs is in the same unit as mine and although he just moved this month, he has to report back to NC in september for a three month class. They still have their house on the market so she is going to stay and work on selling the house and he is just trying to find temporary lodging for the next month before going back to NC. She has brought down all of his stuff this weekend so we had them over. It was so nice to see them. I have missed her a lot. I only know the fellow wives on my hubby's team and with everyone getting settled and having kids of their own get togethers have been few. So I really enjoyed having my bestie in town

Today- M's captain had invited us to their block party. They live in a new housing development that is either guys from my
Hubby's unit or from the airforce so we thought it was going to be one big party.

Before we moved to Fl a group of wives crested a Facebook page for the unit regarding the move and all that good stuff. One of the captains neighbors had posted about this block party inviting people to come meet one another

So when we arrived we were shocked to see no one outside. Instead it was all at this one couples house. The same girl who had sent out the mass Facebook invite to people she didn't know. My friend Rose, the captains wife had told me to being along some dessert. So I made cupcakes for the occasion. While her and I were walking down to the house that was hosting the party, M was following with my tray of cupcakes while I was just carrying some big platters to hold the food. I walk into this house and the host takes the platters and says oh thanks for bringing nothing to my party. When M handed her the cupcakes she was like gee, thanks.

I was shocked. I felt like we were intruding even though I had been invited. Fortunately her next door neighbor overheard and pulled me aside to introduce herself and explained that this girl had taken over the entire block party and things weren't working out how everyone had planned. I just went with the flow although the host kept making Nasty comments about not introducing people since she didn't know half the guests. When I asked Rose if she knew everyone there she said only four people were her neighbors and the rest she didn't know. My husband knew all the guys except the airforce ones so I don't know why this girl was being so nasty.
So we left shortly after arriving. My pregnancy hormones didn't have the patience to deal with a rude, snotty army wife. If she didn't want people to come to her house she shouldn't have taken over the block party or invited people on Facebook that she didn't know. End of story

So now we are relaxing at home before going to the fireworks I hope y'all had a great fourth. Even though the weekend didn't go as planned I am
Once again grateful that the hubs is home this year instead of deployed.

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  1. I've never understood pools in WI. Some of my friends up there are saying summer finally started and it's already July. Haha Sorry the party wasn't quite what you expected. The host was really rude, she could have at least tried to make the best of a situation she hadn't expected.