Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Birth Story part 2

Here is my 38 week belly pic taken on the morning of July 15th before heading to my dr's appt. Little did I know I'd be meeting my little one in a few short hours

After the hubs and I got to the hospital we were immediately admitted and sent to a room.I was told to put on the lovely hospital gown and that someone would be up to start my iv. We had arrived at around 12:30 and were told they wanted to perform the c-section asap. I got dressed quickly trying to calm my nerves
The hubs took one last belly picture. Not the best pic I know but I had been going back and forth between crying and being excited

The nurse came in and administered my iv. Normally it takes them forever to find a good vein but this guy did it 1,2,3. It didn't even hurt. Then the anesthesiologist came in and discussed the spinal I would be receiving. I just kept shaking my head and asking questions. Apparently since I am on the shorter side, 5'1 there was a good chance that instead of being numb from belly down I'd be numb all over. They also discussed my blood pressure which tends to be high when I'm nervous. When I arrived it was 127/34 which had been common throughout the pregnancy. He explained that they would be giving me fluids in case my blood pressure dropped. I signed the consent forms and he was off. As soon as he left I just started crying. I was terrified

At 1:50 it was time to go. Hubs was given some scrubs and I was led into the OR. Once there I started shaking uncontrobablly due to nerves. The nurses were so sweet and wrapped me in a heated blanket. Someone took my blood pressure which now was very high and I set off the alarms. The dr's laughed and commented on how I wasn't kidding about being nervous.

The anesthesiologist came back in and told me to scrunch my back like a cat. Due to nerves I barely felt him stick the needle in. Immediately my legs started to tingle and I felt numb. The nurses laid me back and strapped my arms out to the side. This increased my nervousness especially when my arms and hands started to tingle. My chest felt heavy and I felt like I couldn't breathe. The anesthesiologist said this was normal, again mentioning that since I was on the shorter side that I would be more affected by the spinal.Then my tongue started going numb. When I told the Dr that they brought the hubby in. Apparently that meant I was good to go.

I was so relieved to see the hubs face. I was having a hard time trying to keep my anxiety down. I guess I kept struggling against the arm restraints. I remember trying to move my arms and freaking out when I couldn't but I don't remember thrashing around. My sore neck and arms the next day however were proof I had done so.

During the surgery I was in a state of blissful unawareness. All I could focus on was my numb tongue and how I felt I couldn't breathe. I kept asking the Dr if that was normal. Luckily I had an awesome Dr and anesthesiologist who kept reassuring me that I was doing great and that everything was normal. At one point I even asked if they had started and was shocked when they said they had a leg and her butt out. I felt nothing. NO pressure on my stomach, no pain and I didn't even smell the sond of skin burning which I had read was common. Pretty soon the hubs was peering over the curtain and the sounds of my daughter crying filled the room.It was 2:31. Gianna Isabelle was born. I was overjoyed

I didn't get to see her right away however. They whisked her away to do the apgar test which she scored a 9 on. The hubs went over to where they had taken her and snapped her first pic!

Finally after what seemed like an eternity M brought her over to me. I remember thinking she was beautiful but looked nothing like what I had expected. The hubs had constantly joked about his dominant genes and how she would look like him. So I resigned myself to the fact that she would be his twin. Well we were wrong, I'm not sure who she resembles yet. I'm sure in time we will find out but either way she is absolutely perfect

My favorite pic. The first time I saw my daughter. It was love at first sight

Our first family pic

Soon after we snapped these pics she was taken away for her first bath. The dr's stitched me back up and I was back in our room by 4:30

I couldn't quite hold Gianna yet since the spinal was still wearing off but all I could do was look at her. She was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen.

We spent that first night just staring at our daughter in awe. I was so afraid to go to sleep because all I wanted to do was look at her and make sure she was ok.

At about 2am the nurse came in and helped me out of bed. I was allowed to change clothes and was told to do a few laps around the floor for a little bit. Surprisingly walking around didn't hurt as much as I expected. Getting in and out of the bed was the worst part. The following morning I was again walking around which shocked the morning nurse. She couldn't believe how much I was walking on my own after my c-section. However I now know I felt so good because they were still giving me pain meds in my iv. Once home however I became more aware of how much the incision hurt. I was given percoset to take home but I refused to take it, instead I took motrin 800 twice a day which helped but didn't do too much to relieve the pain. Yet in the end the c-section wasn't as horrifying or as painful as I had thought. And my precious baby girl was def worth it. We are still in awe of our beautiful daughter and are so thankful to have her in our lives. I can't believe that come Friday she will be 2 weeks old


  1. You and my sister both had precious babies on the same day at about the same time. Congrats on your beautiful baby girl.

  2. Sorry to say, but that sounds terrifying!! I'm glad you made it through with flying colors!

  3. She's adorable! Wow, two weeks already? So glad you're enjoying every minute. In no time at all, your sweet gentle newborn will be a chubby, squirmy 4 month old! :) Congrats!

  4. What a great story! I can only imagine how nervous you were, I would be the same way...especially because you it was so unexpected and happened so quickly!

    Love the pic of you 3 precious!

  5. I love the first family photo! So sweet!

  6. So glad to hear that the c-section went ok! Congratulations again on your new addition!!! She's a doll. :)

  7. This is such a sweet story, I loved it!! (even though it was def scary at times!) You look so beautiful in the pictures (:

  8. She's gorgeous! Congratulations again!

  9. Congrats on your new addition! Both our little ones were born on the same day! ;)

  10. Came over from the New Years hop. I also had a c section and it was so much better than I thought it would be! I didn't get to see my son as quickly as you did with your daughter. That was my only complaint!

  11. I love the detailed stories like this that share the journey their babies made! I'm a new follower from the New Years Blog Hop.