Thursday, July 7, 2011

Just call me a chicken-Why I opted for a C Section

Today was my scheduled external version. When we made the appointment I wasn't too nervous. The hubs and I both felt we needed to do what the doctor suggested and trust in the people performing the procedure. Yesterday night however I made the mistake of reading up on an external version. When I read that sometimes the medicine used can cause problems I started to get nervous. Dr's and hospital's make me anxious in general. The minute I walk into a hospital my heart races and I feel faint. I was afraid that the meds used would accelerate my heart rate even more. Needless to say I didn't sleep a wink last night

This morning we arrived bright and early at 7am. Shortly after hooking baby up to the monitor's they administered my iv. Now I hate iv's. I have such tiny baby veins that it's always hard to get blood drawn or an iv put in. The nurse had to sit and pinch and plump my veins trying to find the perfect one. She found one on the side of my wrist, a little below my thumb. Talk about uncomfortable. Then she attached a bag of sugar water to help keep me hydrated since I had been told not to eat or drink since last night. Not going to lie I cried when she put the iv in. She also had to draw a ton of blood which was not fun. But after that was done I was able to calm down.

We waited three hours for the dr to arrive. The nurses were awesome! Constantly coming in to check on baby and I and to make sure we were comfortable. Finally at 10am the dr breezed in. Apparently she had lost power at her home which made her late due to her alarm not going off. She then started to discuss the risks of the procedure and go over the consent form. Some of the risks's included abruption, bleeding, labor being induced and pain to the mother and distress to the baby. All of which could lead to an emergency c-section. She also explained I would get some tribulitine which would make my heart race and make me feel anxious. That worried me since my heart was already going at a higher pace and I was feeling anxious. When my heart rate picked so did baby's. I was afraid of stressing her out.

The dr first conducted an ultrasound. Baby's head and back are snug against my left rib cage. Her butt is in my pelvis and her legs are straight out in front of her. After seeing the ultrasound the hubs and I wandered if this procedure would even work. So of course we started asking questions. Basically there was no guarantee that baby would flip, or that she would stay head down if they were successful. She also explained that if this procedure didn't work they usually would have me come back in at 39 weeks, give me an epidural and try to flip her again. However I didn't qualify for that option because due to my high blood pressure they were planning on inducing me at 39 weeks.One thing I didn't want to do was be induced. Obviously if that would have been the case I would have dealt with it because my ultimate outcome is a safe and healthy delivery for baby and I. But it seemed that regardless if the procedure was conducted today we would most likely be having a c section anyway

The hubs and I asked for a moment to ourselves to decide. We decided to not go through with this procedure and instead schedule the c section. I immediately felt like a failure. I felt like I was opting for the easy way out. I had wanted to try and deliver naturally and vaginally but in the end I had to put baby and myself first. Was it worth it to try and press on her, putting distress on her and I. Was it worth it if the procedure didn't work and we ended up doing a c section, possibly today. We just didn't think so. Once we made the decision I felt relief wash over me. I knew it was the right one. Too be honest I know my anxiety would have played a huge part during this procedure and delivery and I didn't want to stress out the baby. I feel calm knowing that we have a due date set and that I can plan or try to plan for her birth. Plus we are beyond excited to know when she will be here. I know that there are risks's to c sections and they aren't worry free but I feel comfortable in our decision and know we made the right one.

So lovebug will be here July 22nd! Two weeks from tomorrow! So again if anyone wants to share their c-section experience share away!


  1. I think you did what you felt was best for you and your baby. That doesn't make you a failure, that makes you a mom. How exciting to know when she will be here!

  2. Hi Katie! First off I love reading your blog! I'm an Army wife as well! And second I believe you made a great decision. You are doing what you and your husband feel is best and that is perfect! So good luck to you and how awesome that you know your sweet baby's birthday already! :)

  3. You made the same decision I made when faced with the same situation. I had a scheduled C-Section at 39 weeks, so ask away!

  4. Good for y'all for making such a tough decision! In the end, only you guys know what is best for y'all!

    My 1st was an emergency c-section where, after 24+ hours of labor & four hours of pushing, the anesthesiologist had to completely put me under. He had me come to for a few seconds when they got her out, but I barely remember my sweet girl being born, and overall it was a pretty crappy ordeal.

    With my 2nd I scheduled a c-section as soon as they would let me! It was 10x easier than my first & I would do it again in a heartbeat! Take the pain meds when you can have them for the first few days (even if you don't think you need them... Take them! So much better than hurting & waiting for them to take effect!), and make sure you get up & walk around. It's kinda scary to get out of bed after surgery like that, but I swear it makes the difference!

  5. I think in your shoes I would have made the same decision. I was glad to have been able to deliver vaginally, but ultimately health has to come first and you have to go with where your gut tells you. Can't wait to hear about the birth. :)

  6. Hi Katie, I just started following your blog and this post almost brought tears to my eyes. I am also an Army Wife and we recently welcomed our first baby into the world. You made the right decision and the fact that you and your husband made the decision together is a great thing! You are responsible for you and your sweet baby girl's well-being and it sounds like you definitely had that in mind while making this decision. Stay strong, girl! You're doing great!

  7. If I were in your shoes I probably would have made the same decision. You never know, between now and then she can flip and it can all work out!!!

    I had a C-section with my son. I was a nervous wreck, I had been in Labor for 19 hours and wasn't progressing, so they did a c-section. It wasn't too bad at all! I remember them giving me something in my IV for anxiety, and I think that helped!

    The recovery wasn't too bad. After a week I was feeling great and good to go! I agree with some other comments, take the medicine for the first few days, and walk!!!! It shouldn't be too bad.

    Good luck!!

  8. I am glad that shes ok. :) I would have done the same thing hunny, and at least you can go into your c-section knowing your having one and knowing you did what you know is best. I just hope she doesnt put too much pressure on you like my little girl lol.
    I'm really glad though we are gonna have our babies around the same time!! :)

  9. Two of my friends recently made the same decisions because their little ones were breech... which is way better than an emergency c-section because it is in a more controlled environment and is planned, they also do a better "cut" persay and the healing time is much faster/scar much smaller & less noticeable.

    Both of their baby girls are healthy and thriving... and each of them are healthy and back down to their pre-baby weight! (6mo & 9mo)

  10. That's a really tough decision you guys had to make! In the end, it really only matters how you feel and that the baby is well. It's kind of nice knowing when the baby will arrive too! Haha.

  11. our baby was born via c-section, unplanned and the decision was made while i was in active labor at 7cm... if you are comfortable with your doctor and you know the one performing the operation, know that this is there job and they will take care of you and baby for the entire process and soon your baby will be in your arms and you will be SO happy no matter what way they will be welcomed into the world. you so have not failed... you have a baby on the way- that is a feat in and of its self- can't wait for your arrival! xo