Tuesday, July 12, 2011

DIY Home Projects

One great thing about owning your own home is all the project's you can do. We have become addicted to HGTV and the DIY network. Instead of renewing my shape and Cosmo subscriptions, I have subscribed to all these Do it Yourself magazines and home decorating mags. We are at lowes constantly and there are so many projects we want to get underway. One great thing about doing things yourself is that you can get the designer look you want for half the cost. One project we hope to do within the next few months is ripping out the counter tops in the kitchen and adding concrete counter tops. They look so awesome and according to a fellow blogger who did them only cost 400 bucks as compared to the 5000 they were quoted by professionals. Umm yes I would rather do them myself than pay to have them done

Though after our current project we may be done for awhile. Our current project started out as something little and turned into something huge. We bought one of those 16x16 pools from big lots. The box said lay it out and fill with water and the sides rise on their own. Not in our slightly downward sloped backyard. After moving it to two different locations and trying to fill it one end always overflowed.The hubs made a 16 x 16 frame in the backyard for the pool and we had a company deliver some dirt to help level out the backyard.

The guy who delivered the dirt overestimated how much we needed. Hence we had to rent a bobcat to spread out this huge pile

We now have dirt spread all over our backyard. Oh and have I mentioned the horrible storms we've gotten the last few days. Our backyard is now one big mud pit. I have a angry hubby who when asked if he needs help, mumbles to himself about all this crap for a pool! Poor guy. My 9 month pregnant self is not much help. Then today as he was moving some dirt around he had to open part of the fence to get the bobcat through. When he went to open the fence door it broke. So we had to repair part of the fence. Oh the joys of doing things yourself

So now our project consists of leveling out the foundation again, laying out the pool, filling it and then seeding and fertilizing the back yard to hopefully get some grass growing. Our living room opens to the backyard and we have wood floors so with all this mud in the yard the dogs make one huge mess when coming in. I only hope all this work actually pays off and the pool fills up with no problems this time. Otherwise the hubs may divorce me. Just kidding of course.

And a question for all those with wood, laminate or tile floors. What do you use to keep them clean. I am constantly cleaning them to no avail. Literally my daily routine is sweep, vacuum and mop then re vacuum to pick up any dog hair or sand particles I miss. The mop leaves streaks and even once the floors are dry, any footprint or paw print shows up. I can wash the floor in one room and sit with the dogs in another, waiting for the floors to dry for a good hour or so and the minute we step on the floor, there shows a foot print or paw print. It is exasperating and drives my OCD self insane. Any tips or pointer's?


  1. We always used vinegar and water to mop our wood floors because it won't leave streaks and such. It doesn't smell that great, but that is what a candle is for!

  2. We have laminate wood floors and I swear by the Swiffer. I have a Swiffer wet jet and the sweep vac. I've been obsessive about my floors lately too. The sweep vac will vacuum up big chunks of dirt/food left in the floor while attracting the little stuff. The wet jet is just amazing...no bucket required AND they have a special solution just for wood floors. =)

  3. I too love my swiffer. We had wood laminate floors in our house in Texas, and now in military housing we have *blech!* . . . laminate tile cafeteria floor all throughout the unit. At least it's neutral colored! The swiffer works great.

    I find that I'm constantly buying swiffer pads and fluid, however, so I've changed my routine to use a large, rectangular mop head with a removable, microfiber cover. It can be used dry to pick up hairs, etc, but after I vaccuum, I fill the bathtub with warm water and Rockin' Green Cloth Diaper detergent (yes I totally use it to clean my floors!) and it cleans up stickiness better than the swiffer, and is cheaper.

    So, I do vacuum and mop with the rockin green (I end up mopping all the leftover dog hair into a pile and sweeping or vacuuming that up at the very end) about every two days, and in between, I use the swiffer wet jet to clean up small areas. It's a system that works for me, even with two littles and a dog.