Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The Book Thief: A Book review

I purchased this book when it first came out, read a few pages and never finished it. I don't rememeber why. Maybe it didn't spark my interest, who knows. So when I went to barnes and nobles sometime in October I saw it up front by the books being made into movies section. I loved the new cover of it so I purchased it again. ( I habe to say I am a sucker for new cover editions. I tend to buy books based on their cover. Even if I already own the book I will buy the new cover version.) I have a problem) Anyway I started reading the book with the intent to finish it before going to see the movie. The trailer for the movie looked amazing and from page 3 of the book I was hooked. It is not my usual read,it's very heavy at times and the writing style of the author is unique. He is very descriptive which at times fits the story well and at other time deters from it. It is classified as young adult fiction but I don't see how so. It is a book about the holocaust but only in a round about way. Whereas most holocasut stories are from the Jew's point of view(Sorry if that is not politically correct) but from a German's. And a child's view at that. I loved how the book humanizes the Germans of that time.(well some of them) It shows how the youth at that time were blindly apart of these Hitler youth organziations, many not really understanding what was going on around them, or even fully realizing what their group stood for. It shows how those who stood back and let the holocasut happen were really just trying to protect their own families in the only way they knew how. And in the end the book is really about a young girl, a blonde haired boy, a basement, a jew, a foster father and papa and most importantly books and the love of words This book moved me in so many ways. I laughed, I cried, I was devestated,angry, sad, mad and a whole range of emotions in between. Once I started I coulnd't put it down and I know the next book I read won't be able to compare. There were some parts of the book I liked, other's I did not. I loved how the author wrote the story as if you were really there, partaking in the activites and how the main characters become as familiar to you as family members. I guess the best way to describe this book is haunting.One that will stay with your for awhile. Thie review is not doing this book justice in any way So go pick it up and give it a try. I suggest if you plan on seeing the movie reading the book after or before. The movie, while good in no way compared to the book and as usual left out some major elements to the story. I'm glad i started reading it before knowing that yet the movie might have been more enjoyable had I waited to read the book. This book is def added to my favorite books of all time

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  1. I saw that book on Pinterest and I was wanting to read it. I'm glad you did this review on it, now I think I will be checking that one out.. Thanks girlie..