Friday, December 20, 2013

5 on Friday

1. Social media and I have a love/hate relationship. For the most part I love it. I don't know how I meal planned without Pinterest, I've made amazing friends through blogging and I love that our family and friends in Wi can keep up with is via Facebook or this blog of mine. However I hate the feelings of guilt, unworthiness and jealousy that social media can create. Along with the fact that sometimes  fb can cause the end of friendships rather than support them. 
And while I consider myself a Christian some Christians make me not want to be a Christian.
Now while I am not going to get into the duck dynasty issue I will just say this. I am all for everyone having their own beliefs and opinions. And I am always up for a healthy debate. But defriending people because their viewpoints don't align up with yours is sad. Or "Christians" posting about how they are perfect because they have god in their lives and how they feel sorry for those that do t" that to me is not a statement any Christian should make. But I should probably end this now. I do not want to offend anyone or start a war. So basically ill leave you with this, everyone is entitled to their own beliefs and opinions. If you don't agree that is your right. But why guilt, judge or shame others because their views don't align up with yours. 
I will leave you with this little funny

2. On to happier topics. The husband comes home Sunday! Well hopefully. He is currently in Portland and was due back in Fl tonight where he'd spend tomm packing and unwinding before flying up to Wi Sunday. Well there's a snow story due for Portland and a ice storm coming our way in Wi with another snow storm heading our way which is due on Sunday. So his flight out of Portland has been moved to Tomm. We shall see if he makes it here Sunday night or not. Prayers would be appreciated. It has been 4 months since he has been home and the kids really need their daddy for Christmas!

3. I can't believe Christmas 4 days. And my upcoming week is jam packed with Christmas activities. Sunday we are celebrating with my dads side of the family, Tuesday my moms, wed the husbands whole family and thurs his immediate family. Whew. Lots of holiday festivities coming up. I will prolly be taking a blogging break and will resume after the holidays to catch you all up on what we did this holiday season

4. Christmas cookies- I am so over baking them. I forgot how booting and tedious it can be. And I am a firm believe that more than one cook in the kitchen is one too many. The other day my mom and I decided to start making cookies for the season. We made sugar, spritz, peanut butter blossoms, Mexican wedding cakes and finally gingerbread. I decided to make the dough for the gingerbread cookies while my mom passed me the ingredients. I asked for the molasses and she handed me the jar. Finally the dough was made and mixing in the mixer. My mom leaned over and commented the dough was an odd color. Then she realized that she had handed me a jar of turkey gravy Instead of molasses. Needless to say I used turkey gravy in my gingerbread mix. Sigh. We had to start all over! Next year I am keeping things simple when it comes to cookie making

5. I am so excited to give my hubby his gifts this year. I went with a homemade, sentimental feeling with all gifts this year besides the kids and I went all out with the hubby's. I did decide to try and get him something he would never ask for himself. We shall see if he likes it but if not I will gladly keep it! I love gifts that benefit both the giver and the receiver!

Merry Christmas everyone! 

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  1. Love your #1. I now love your blog! I feel the same way.