Friday, December 13, 2013

5 on Friday

1. I am loving being back in a city. I forgot how much there is to do. Especially this time of year. Trying to figure out what to do with the kids each day is no longer a chore. Everything kid friendly is within a 20 min drive and easily accessible. We need to move back to a city. Stat. It's also nice being around my family and friends. Every day we are visiting someone. Seeing Gianna with her cousins and my closest friends kids is so fun to watch. Makes me feel bad that its not like this all the time. And both kids are loving being by their grandparents. I know it's going to be so sad when we head back to Fl

2. Mom and me days. There are so many activities that I can't wait to do with Gianna as she gets older. Seeing the nutcracker and going to musicals are just some of those things. But while we are still a few years away from all that, I'm soaking up those things with my mom while in town. I took her to go see Les miserables for her birthday and Tomm we are going to see the Nutcracker. I haven't been in years and can't wait

3. As much as I love my long hair it gets boring after awhile. It just hangs there or ends up in a pony. While I have realized I don't look good with short hair I wanted to do some thing to change things up. I go today to get my hair done and here is my "hairspiration"

4. The hubby. We are in single digits until the husband comes home. At this rate he's been gone 15 months out of the past 2 years. We have being apart down pat but it's the being together that will be something new! But in honor of him coming home I went out and bought my first pair of high heels in years

I used to love heels and dressing up every time the husband and I went to go do something. But babies, heels and nice clothes don't mix so my wardrobe usually consists of yoga pants and a shirt. But since my recent weight loss and slightly older kiddos I'm embracing myself and getting my sexy back. And lucky hubby gets to reap the benefits!

5. Relaxation. I have read two books since being up in Wi. It's been so nice actually having time to read! I need to stay out of Barnes and nobles though until after Christmas. I've been in a book buying frenzy and need to hold off!

Happy Friday everyone


  1. Love your hair inspiration!!! And those heels! Stopping in from the link-up!

  2. There is nothing like live theater, it's the best! :)

  3. LOVE that you got to see les mis live!! And the nutcracker...oh so merry!!!
    Happy, merry weekend, beautiful! xx