Tuesday, December 10, 2013

My Christmas Wish List

As Christmas approaches every year I find myself having a hard time telling people what I want. I have no problem telling people what the kids need and if I ever get extra money for myself I usually end up spending it on the kids. I don't need any clothes, I have enough electronics and if I do find something I want I usually go out and buy it when I need it. And then of course a few days before Christmas I suddenly come up with some gift ideas. This year I asked for a lot of holiday decor. I always tell myself that after each holiday passes I am going to hit up the sales for decorations for the followng year and then that never happens. So I thought I would ask other people to get some for me, but as much as I want some holiday decorations it isn't a fun gift. I mean I won't be able to use it until the following year so I came up with a little wish list. And if any family memebers happen to read this post, Awesome!

I love this felt advent calendar from Garnet Hill. 

I love rustic keys and I'm dying over this necklace by Trust jewelry
And I have a billion books I want.
They are as follows
And finally
I think that about does it. Oh and gift cards to target and Barnes and nobles are always appreciated!

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  1. i love getting book ideas from you! you are so right though, it's HARD thinking of gifts for myself too!

    i asked for a sewing machine this year and anything on my ever growing pampered chef kitchen wishlist ;)