Monday, December 30, 2013

Date Night

This past Friday the husband and I had our first night away since before the kids were born! As a Christmas present my parents got us a night stay at our favorite hotel in downtown Milwaukee. The same one we stayed at 6 years ago for our first New Years together. My brother chipped in and got us a gift certificate to one of Milwaukee's premier restaurants. I couldn't have asked for a better gift!

Before I came up to Wi I hit up this cute boutique in town and bought a few outfits for my trip home. One of those outfits included this super cute and sexy dress that I bought in the hopes of wearing on a night out with the hubby.

Fri morning came and before we headed off to our night away we took the kids to this amazing indoor play place. It was so much fun and the kids fell asleep the minute we strapped them into their car seats! Score. We dropped them off at my parent's house and off we went

We had a little bit of time to kill before our dinner reservations so while the husband hopped in the shower, I ordered a glass of wine and started to get ready. Good thing I started to get dressed when I did because after I put on my sexy little dress I realized how little it really was. No amount of tights or leggings would cover up my bottom. Looks like this dress was really more of a flowy top! And while it was passable with leggings underneath it still was not appropriate for a 5 start restaurant. So the hubby hurried to get dressed and off we ran to the nearest mall where I luckily found a cute little black dress which was both classy and sexy. I bought a pair of control top panty hose to complete the look and changed in my parent's mini van. Yes we took my parents car with us so they could have mine instead of having to worry about changing out car seats and all that good stuff. Vans do come in handy, especially when it comes to wardrobe changes

Finally we were on our way to go eat. Our table wasn't ready yet so while the hubby ordered us drinks from the bar I went to use the bathroom. And proceeded to rip my brand new panty hose. Off those went. Sigh

Oh well, despite my ripped panty hose drinks and dinner was beyond amazing. M ordered the chef's special which was a four course meal that included a lobster salad, a filet, a cheese and fruit spread and desert. I ordered potato leek soup and the roasted chicken. The waiter was awesome and dinner was well worth it. And our view was unbeatable. The restaurant overlooks lake Michigan and with the snow glistening off all the lights it was beautiful. My iphone picture doesn't do it justice
 I can't even begin to tell you how fun it was to get all dressed up and have a night out with my husband. We agreed not to talk about the kids or anything serious and just had fun. It was like those carefree dating days!

After dinner the hubs aunt and uncle picked us up and off we went to a lounge downtown for some drinks. It was so fun to sit back, relax and hang out with them!

We got back to our hotel and made our way to the bar. There was a fondu station set up so we treated ourselves to a plate for two and we cuddled, ate and drank before heading back up to the room.
At this point it was almost 1 and way past our bedtime. We woke up the following morning refreshed and ready to hurry home and see our kiddo's.
Such a fun night and much needed. If only my parents could move to Fl with us. Then we could have many more nights like this one!

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  1. fuuuuuuuunn!! my hubby and i have a night out to a concert and dinner next friday (as a gift to us from us) and my mom will be watching avrie over night. i am excited but then REALLY excited for our 4 day vegas date early feb!! i love those times of feeling like we are dating (but each night we end up talking about all the things we missed doing with the little one) ;)

    im so glad you guys had a fun night out together and that dress story made me giggle- you're adorable!