Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas Randoms

This Christmas was one to remember. We have created so many memories and started some new traditions that I can't wait to continue each year.

-I learned that the kids were too young to really understand the Elf on the shelf. So bubble ended up doing a lot of sleeping on the living room table. Neither kid noticed. Better luck next year

- Same for the 25 books of Christmas. Both kids just like unwrapping the books but didn't want to sit still long enough to listen to them being read. As usual. Again, we will try again next year

-Gianna loves Christmas lights and driving around looking at them. Eveyr time we pass a house that is decorated I hear her little gasp and then Mom, look, pretty lights! And that continues for each and every house. I love it

- Christmas eve I woke up and sorted through all the gifts making sure to make things easy for when Santa came. I noticed that Ethan's pile was significantly less. I felt horrible and started crying. I was about to run to target and buy him some more gifts before the husband stopped me. Ethan would never know the difference. Plus I spent the same amount on both kids. Ethan just got bigger items while Gianna got lots of little barbies, and ponies and other things that she is into. I calmed down and felt better. Then Christmas morning came and I felt better because while he showed interest in his toys for about 1 second, he preferred the boxes and wrapping paper. Go figure

- It is so fun watching the kids get so excited over their gifts. Oh the joy and innocence a child brings to every day activities. They make everything so meaningful

- My parent's surprised the hubs and I with a night out. My brother chipped in and got us a gift card to one of the fancier places to eat in town. So tonight the hubs and I are off for a night out and a night away. We haven't had a night away since before Gianna was born. I am so excited

- I went the homemade and meaningful route when it came to gifts this year. And they were all a big hit.  Now I need to get a head start for gifts next year

- I did learn that less is def more. I think I did a pretty good job when it came to gifts for the kids.I didn't go overboard and I def won't need to buy the kids any more toys until next Christmas. But watching various kids at other functions open gift after gift without showing any appreciation or interest made me realize that that is something I want to avoid in years to come.  Finding a balance is key when it comes to the holiday's I've learned

- I started a Christmas journal to keep track of everything the kids and I have done this year. I have a mini polaroid which I use and I bought scrapbook stickers and colored pens. I have written down our cookie recipes, traiditons started, the gifts we received and any activities we did this year. I plan to write in it every year and have it become a coffee book of sorts!

Well time to go get ready for my night out!

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  1. i hope your night out was awesome! i am sure i will read about it here soon while i catch up tonight ;)

    i love your christmas book scrapbook idea, thats so cute!