Monday, December 9, 2013

First Snowfall, Santa and adventures with Bubble

The kids and I arrived in Milwaukee last week Monday and we are finally sitting down to catch our breath. Our first week here was jam packed with activities and I am loving being back home. As much as I love Florida and our little town we live in I will always be a city girl at heart. 

Until I can convince my brother to let me use his laptop and crank out some decent blog posts I'm sitting here typing from my phone to do a quick recap of our week. 

After 16 hours and a screaming baby to deal with for five of those hours we made it to Milw at 6pm. The kids were beyond excited to see their Grandma and Uncle Mike. And mommy got to relax with a big glass of wine. 

Bubble our elf left a gingerbread house to make with my grandparents
Our house did not turn out at all. The frosting was horrible and wouldn't stick to the gingerbread pieces, therefore the gingerbread pieces wouldn't stick together. It ended up in the garbage.
Does anyone have some tips for making a gingerbread house?
Besides the disaster of our house making skills the kids enjoyed seeing their great grad parents and vice versa. My grandparents hasn't seen Gianna sicnr she was 10 months old and have never let Ethan. It was a great day

Tuesday night I dragged my brother to go see the Book Thief. I am almost done with the book and I have to say it is one that will be added to my favorite book list. I am loving it. Ill give a full review later. The movie, while good missed a lot of key elements from the book. Not too surprising. Still it was a decent movie to watch
The Christmas train came to town. The kids saw Santa, decorated cookies, and watched the train pull up. A band also played music and the kids had a blast dancing to it
Ethan and I got all bundled up but it was
Actually in the mid 50's that night. For those of you that don't live in the colder states, 50 is considered warm!

The kids and I hung out at my parents house and then drove to Kenosha for a dinner with Santa event that my cousin put on at her work

Don't let Gianna fool you. She ran up to Santa and jumped in his lap. Then refused to smile for the picture. Silly girl. And Ethan is laughing in that pic, not screaming like usual.

I visited with my In laws and then left the kids with them while I ran some errands and took a nap. It was heavenly

Mom and I took Gianna to Chicago and went to the American girl doll store. It was amazing. A whole post will be coming to you soon about this. Along with a hundred pictures of course!

The kids woke up to their first snowfall
The snow quickly progressed and actually caused a massive accident on the highway. Prayers needed for those involved
This Floridian drove white knuckled and at a turtle pace while going to a friends house. My precious cargo are to important to me to drive like a maniac. Plus it's been three years since I've driven in a snow!
I took the kids to breakfast with Santa and then Gianna and I went to a friends house for girls day! I have to say I have the greatest friends here. We have knows each other since the early teenage years, have new through everything together, have had our fair share of disagreements and mini falling outs and yet always come back to each other better and stronger then ever. I'd say that's the definition of true friendship! 
I also got my baby fix holding my friends sweet little newborn. 
When I sent my hubby this pic with the caption reading number 3 I got a big hell no in response. Guess we will be waiting awhile to start for number 3!

When I got Gianna home I saw my parents had decorated the tree. Last year I didn't put one up due to the hubs being deployed so the kids were in heaven with this one. I forgot how snugly and warm it is to sit under a Christmas tree. I love th holidays

Happy Monday everyone!


  1. Y'all look like you're having so much fun!!

    Tip for the gingerbread house... Hot glue it together!

  2. I'm so glad you are enjoying the time with family! :) Love the photos.

  3. Awe! Looks like you are having an awesome time. Those Santa pictures are so adorable.

  4. that picture of ethan by the tree is SO cute!!

    50 is a heat wave!! OOOhhh...the christmas train, while i've never been, we work for C.P. and each year work to water and dewater the train cars in all the yards here in the MN stops. i would LOVE to see it some time. saturday it will be in town with Sheryl Crow singing!!!

    for the ginderbread house... we have used crumpled up paper, empty pop cans or cardboard inserts INSIDE the house to help keep the walls up. we had a wall fall down too but that was b/c avrie wasn't very patient and couldnt wait to decorate. we fixed it enough for her standards but the perfectionist in me was cringing ;) still so fun though!

    sounds like you are having a GREAT time home! i wish you were closer to MN!! :D