Monday, December 23, 2013

He's Home!

After 4 months away which seemed to drag compared to the previous 10 month  deployment The hubs is finally home. 

Of course Murphy's law tried to conspire against us since in Wi we got hit with some major snow the day he was supposed to arrive here and down in Fl they were hit with a major rain storm. So many cancelled flights later the hubs finally got flown in to Chicago at 11pm. My brother and I drove to go get him and I couldn't wait for the kids to wake up this morning and see their Daddy

Gianna woke up, rushed to me and while she pointed out Daddy and said hello she was a little shy at first. Now of course she won't leave him alone and is fighting Ethan for daddy's attention

Ethan, for only spending 4 out of his 14 months with his dad went right too him with no issues. 
My whole world is complete and while this Dec has been truly a great one, this Christmas will be ten times better with my husband home


  1. Yay so happy that he is home! :)

  2. aweeee!!! this makes me so happy for you, i am happy he is home and you are back to your family of 4!