Tuesday, September 24, 2013


It's been awhile since I have done an update on Gianna and since I don't do monthly updates for her anymore I thought I would document all the new and cute things she is doing

- She knows most of her uppercase letters. She loves the preschool prep letter DVD and I have letter flashcards taped up on the wall of her playroom
-She can count to 10 but only when she wants to
-She calls her grandma Shema and her Grandpa Papa
-Ethan is E-she
- She loves walking around and asking people What are you doing?
-She is so curious. Everytime we go for a walk we have to stop a million times and point at everything with her asking What is that?
-She hates sitting in her stroller and prefers to be out walking with me
-She still loves to drink milk. Will tolerate juice and will sometimes drink water. I am working on cutting down her milk intake
-For the longest time her favorite toy was her Baby doll. Now baby is picked up sporadically and instead Gianna is into little figurines. Her Belle, Sofia the first and bubble guppies figurines are among her favorites
-Her new favorite movies are the Lion King and Little Mermaid
-She loves to color. She could color all day long if I let her.
She hates taking naps and sleeping on her own. If she is tired she asks to go sleep in Mommy's room. I indulge her since the husband is gone
-She is strong willed, stubborn and independent but so sweet. She will apologize when she does something naughty and always says please and thank you
-She is working on sharing her toys. It's a daily struggle
-She likes to look at books and be read to
-She loves music and dancing. In a few months I will be signing her up for ballet
-She loves to play outside. She could go for walks all day long
-She loves pumpkins and loves all the halloween decorations we have up at the house. She constantly asks to turn on the pumpkin lights
-She loves playing in her toy kitchen and making pizza for her brother and myself
-She says the cutest things ever
-She loves the beach and is always asking to go. She also loves the hot tub ever since our trip to Panama City Beach and asks to go to the ta-tub once a day
-She is such a happy child. Everyone is always commenting on that while we are out and about
- She has such an exploratory nature and is so curious about everything
-She is a total joy to be around and I am so proud to be her mommy!

I can't believe this was two years ago already

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