Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Terrible 2's

The terrible 2's are here! And they truly are terrible. I feel like my sweet baby has changed into someone I barely recognize over night. Gone is my sweet girl who always wanted to cuddle, be held, hug and kiss me and be near me at all times. In her place is a raging toddler. One whose new favorite word is No, one who kits and kicks when she gets mad, refueses to eat and throws food across the table and who now won't sleep because she's too busy crawling out of her bed multiple times a night and wanting to play with her toys.

I look at my friends with their only baby and feel a pang of envy. It wasn't so long ago that it was just Gianna and I. We would spend the days cuddling and playing together. I was the perfect parent then. Babies I can handle. Toddlers, EEK! I feel bad for Ethan in a way as well since I never really got a chance to fully enjoy his baby days since I also had a todddler to deal with. Even now if I'm playing with him or trying to just cuddle with him on the couch she's vying for my attention, pushing him away, stealing his toys, you name it

To say I am at my wits end is an understatement. And since the husband left Friday it's as if she kicked these behavior's into overdrive. I'm hoping that as we get back into a routine and adjust to him not being home, she will settle down. I just hope I can last that long.

I feel as if our days consist of power struggle after power struggle. I try my best to keep calm but in truth I end up exploding and resorting to yelling. It's a constant battle between yelling or saying NO over and over. I don't want to be the parent that disciplines by yelling. And yelling is not working anyway. Neither is time outs, or the occasional spanking which I am not opposed to.

And as Ethan gets closer and closer to his 1 year old birthday and I realize I will have 2 toddler's in the house I want to try and figure out my strategy so to speak as quickly as possible

So Mommies. Any resources, help, tips and advice on dealing with toddler's?


  1. Usually I can break up some fights with distraction. Both kids fighting over a train- "Ooh Molly look! A purple car! Do you want to hold this purple car?" Eventually someone wants the purple car because I'm making a big deal about it and they forget about the train. Or I make a big production like, "Shh shh shh! Do you hear that?" **dramatic pause** "Is that a HELICOPTER?? Do you hear it? You have to be really quiet to hear it. Let's look out the window and be really quiet so we can see it." And sometimes there is no helicopter (so shoot me) but they are already quiet so then I can transition them into the next thing. "Who wants a graham cracker?" ;)

    Usually distraction works pretty well, but sometimes I yell and he goes to timeout far away from me. It's so tough, especially doing it alone! And toddlers are no joke. Praying y'all have a good rest of the week!

  2. My biggest tip is to find some way to get a little time away - both for you and and your children's sanity. Maybe a Mother's Day out group or something like that? We also rely on getting out of the house and being active as much as possible {park, children's museum, even McDonalds} it helps keep the sanity! Good luck!!!

  3. i wish i had some pointers, as i just mentioned i am right there- learning along the way- with you!