Thursday, September 19, 2013

Taking Your Kids Seriously

When I first had Ethan, my parents were down staying with me for a few weeks to help me out. Now I'm sure as adults and parents we can all relate to the unsolicited advice we receive from other people once we pop out children of our own. Alot of that advice comes from our own well meaning parents. And while they only are trying to help, it is only in our human nature to roll our eyes and ignore them. I know my parents and I really struggled with that when they were down staying with me. They took things I said and did too personally and I bit their heads off at any idea they suggested. But that's all in the past and we have started to communicate things better but now that my daughter is in the toddler years, I wander if I will do the same with her. I mean, will we ever get used to the fact that our children are growing up and will one day be adults. Adults that won't need their diapers changed, clothes washed, and baths every night

I can only imagine how my parents still see me. I'm sure they still see the 2 year old toddler I was.And in their defense how can you take someone seriously when you've watched them poop in the toilet, moon everyone out in public, shove toys up their nose, start a food fight in the kitchen during dinner time, wet the bed, change multiple diapers a day and so on and so forth. You get the picture

Even now with Gianna I find it so hard to take her seriously. I mean when she starts growling, stomping her feet and launches herself face first on the ground hands and feet everywhere it is impossible to not want to bust out laughing. And when my sweet child demands I buy her a mermaid crown at the store, cries and screams the whole car ride home because I can't open it, only to open it the minute we walk in the house and be met with her No mommy, I don't want that toy. Sigh, I do find it impossible to not want to shout, But Mommy spent money on that and money doesn't grow on trees. You don't appreciate anything

Ha the life with kids. All I have to say is well played Karma, well played

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