Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The ABC's of Giana

I came across this cute idea from this BLOG. 
And since I haven't done monthly updates for Gianna in a long time I thought it was a cute alternative

A is for: Apples. Gianna's new favorite food. She asks for them all the time. At least she's not asking for ice cream constantly
B is for: Baby. Her favorite doll. She carries it with her constantly and won't go to bed without it. She dragged baby in the mud the other day which resulted in Baby needing a bath and cried hysterically when she was drying and couldn't be taken to bed with her
C is for: Crackers. She loves having a snack bowl of crackers to walk around the house with and finds it funny to feed the dogs her crackers. Sigh. At least she shares

D is for: Diapers. Which I can't wait for her to be out of. She loves her Elmo and Cookie Monster diapers(Pampers) and she has to be shown who is on the butt of her diaper before we are allowed to put it on her
E is for: E-She. Or Ethan as we call him. Hearing her try and say Ethan's name and calling him E-she is the cutest thing ever. So cute that we now call Ethan E-she
F is for: Flashlight. The hubs bought Gianna a flashlight before he left and she loves it. She will walk around asking for it if she misplaces it and loves shining it on her toys. Or in Ethan's face

G is for: Gil! One of Gianna's favorite bubble guppies. Bubble Guppies is hands down her favorite show and Molly and Gil are her favorite characters. She has bubble guppies sheets and all the toys. Even I have to say that that show is super cute
H is for: House. We live in a newer neighborhood and they are building houses next door and behind us. So when we go for our walks she points them out and wants to go look at them and watch them being built
I is for: Ice cream. I had to bribe her with ice cream while out to eat the other day in order to get her to sit still. Mommy of the year award goes to me! But what kid does not like ice cream

J is for: Jake. Gianna's second favorite show is Jake and the Neverland Pirates. If it's on tv she will stop what she's doing and scream Jake. Maybe someone has a crush
K is for: Kite. My dad brought Gianna one when he was visiting and she asks about it all the time
L is for: Love. I love this little girl for pieces and hearing her say she loves me is the best sound in the world

M is for: Mini-Me. This child is me to a T. Stubborn, strong willed, independent, a nite owl and a total girlie girl

N is for: Nap time. She has started resisting nap time lately. I hope it doesn't go away so soon. I still rely on it to get things done around the house or to catch up on some Me time
O is for: O. Gianna's favorite letter. She loves drawing it and points it out on everything she sees

P is for: Pumpkin. She loves pumpkins. Pumpkin books, the pumpkin lights I hung up and the show Spookly the square pumpkin that she asks to watch multiple times a day. I always give in since that show brings back memories of a very pregnant me and lots of snuggle time on the couch with a 14 month old Gianna

Q is for: Hmm, I can't think of anything 
R is for: Running. I have a double stroller that I use when I go out running with the kids. Gianna hates to be in the stroller and prefers to be running next to me. Although she slows me down a bit I couldn't ask for better running partners

S is for:Shema. That is how Gianna says Grandma and I can honestly say her grandmother's will probably be called Shema from here on out. It is so sweet

T is for: Ta-Tub. On our vacation a few weeks ago Gianna loved the hot tub or Ta tub as she calls it and every so often she asks to go to the Ta-Tub

U is for: Up. It is rare when Gianna asks to be picked up these days, but when she does it's with a quiet little Up as she's standing next to me with her arms raised. Who can resist. I can't
V is for: Vacations. We went on our first family vacation this year. Two of them actually. One to Sanibel Island Fl and one to Panama City beach. Those vacations are so full of amazing memories. I can't wait for our next vacation
W is for: Wa-Wa or water. Gianna is a water baby. Every day she asks to go to the beach or to go in her little baby pool. I love my little water baby

X is for: I'm drawing a blank here. Here's a cute picture of Gianna instead


Y is for: Yellow. Her favorite color
Z is for: Zanac. I'm going to need it to get through the terrible 2's with this one. Just kidding. As trying as this new stage is I love love my little girl more than life itself. She is truly my best friend and my life changed forever when I had her. Thank you Gianna for teaching me what it means to love unconditionally. I love you more than you will ever know


  1. Awww Shema! That's too cute.

  2. this is SO darn cute! and seeing that i haven't really posted a cute "whats new with Avrie" lately i might borrow this idea in the future! :) i LOVE the D, diaper one hahahaha!!