Tuesday, September 17, 2013

I Confess-Mommy style

I confess...

-That I now have the child that starts screaming for the toy aisle the minute she is loaded into a cart and you enter the store. People stop and look, watching the spoiled child and her indulgent mom push the cart to the toy aisle. Lucky for me she is still in the little trinket phase and is usually happy with a toy from the dollar aisle. Hiring a baby sitter to watch her while I go to the store may be a cheaper option in the future!

- I am that mom in the grocery store that is opening up bags of crackers or chips and letting my kids munch while I shop. Hey it leads to a happier shopping experience for everyone involved.

- When I became a SAHM I envisioned days and days of perfectly planned outing and adventures. Crafting, story time, fun with music, trips to the park and long walks, etc, etc. And while some days that  happens, I also admit to spending days on the couch watching a Disney movie marathon while the kids play near me or cuddle with me on the couch.I don't even feel guilty about it anymore when those days happen. When you have a tantruming toddler and a teething baby you do what you need to do to get through the day.

- While I usually try to make healthy meals for the kids I am not however opposed to making mac and cheese or chicken nuggets for dinner. In fact, in the months after Ethan was born if it hadn't been for jumbo sized bags of chicken nuggets and family size boxes of mac and cheese, Gianna would have starved.  But in all seriousness, breakfast is usually fruit, lunch a mix of meat, fruit, veggies and dairy and dinner is whatever we eat. Usually chicken and vegetables. If some days we stop at mcdonalds for lunch so be it and if we happen to end up at Little Cesears for a 5 dollar pizza after a play date that is awesome for everyone. I figure that in a few short years my kids will be going to school where I won't be sitting in the lunch room monitoring their food choices. And while I may plan on packing super healthy lunches for my kiddos, I remember all too clearly dumping out the turkey sandwich my mom packed and heading straight for the lunch line on mozzarella stick day at school. My kids need to learn moderation and making healthy choices

- I am perfectly fine spending Friday night at home watching a disney movie. In fact one of my favorite shows is a kids show on the disney channel. Good luck Charlie. I find that if there isn't anything on tv at 10 at night I will end up turning on the disney channel or watching one of the many disney movies we have recorded while drinking a nice big glass of merlot

-Gianna is in the princess stage and I'm loving it. Her new favorite thing is to play dress up and I of course indulge her. Sometimes I find myself buying her toys I want to play with. Ahh, being a mom brings out the kid in us all

- Some days a glass of wine is required at 1pm. Don't judge me.

- I used to envision myself as the trendy, fits into pre-baby clothes mom who has it all together. However my wardrobe consists of yoga pants that used to fit. Hey, at least if I dress up in work out clothes I may actually fit a workout in.

- I am not a scheduled, routine structured mom. From baby on I just read my kids and went off that. Now a clear routine has emerged but it wasn't one that I made for the kids.

- I swore I would never co-sleep with my children and that the cry it out method was the best way to go. I turned into a co-sleeping, non cry it out mama with two kids that sleep pretty well!

- I am always learning. Some days I make mistakes, other days I'm convinced I have this mommy thing down. Either way being a mom is like being a student all over again.

- I am totally sitting her drinking a glass of wine as I type this waiting to turn on tangled. Oh the life of a SAHM


  1. Great post! You are an awesome momma! And I'm really on board with showing our kids a balance of food...both good and bad!

  2. You are an awesome Mom and I can only imagine how many things you learn on a daily basis.

  3. A lot of these confessions could be coming straight from my mouth. Don't let it get to you. You're a good mama and you do what works for you and your family!

  4. I too swore I would never co-sleep and that's the only way my little girl sleeps lol. Absolutely love this post :)

  5. i LOVE this... i am sipping on wine and watch MTV... i am a teenager trapped in a MOM body! hahahaha... but HEY, tangled is a GREAT movie, i might pop that it in!! hahaha ;)