Thursday, May 10, 2012

What do you buy a 1 year old

We are celebrating Gianna's birthday at the end of next month and while I have all the decorations bought, the cake designed and her one year pictures scheduled I for the life of me can not decide what to get her present wise

I want to make it special but at the end of the day what sort of meaningful gift can you give a one year old. We bought her a necklace but she prolly won't be wearing that for awhile along with this cute little pearl bracelet that again will be awhile before she wears

Then I picked up a fisher price little people set and that's as far as I've gotten. I have no clue what else to get her. I want to get her things she can grow with along with being educational but I'm stumped

What did y'all get your little ones on their big first birthday.

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  1. did you already buy her one year outfit for pics? I really think that if you pick her a special outfit, that that's about all she needs, especially for turning one, she won't remember, and if you have that super special outfit she gets to wear for her pics, that is perfect! Trust me, you won't remember in a few years what you got her either, you will have your pics and the memory of her digging into cake :)

  2. We're going to get her a play house or play kitchen. Something she can use for years.

  3. Cute ideas! We are getting Guinevere a water table - she loves splashing the dog's water bowl and being outside, so I think it might be a hit! Also getting a baby pool and some outdoor toys :)

  4. I still have a stuffed animal from my first birthday! We didn't really buy anything super special for our kiddos because we knew grandparents would buy enough stuff!

  5. My parents got Jay a Cozy Coupe - the newer ones have a lot of neat features on them that the old ones from when we were young didn't.

    He's big into Thomas the Tank Engine right now so we got him a few plush trains with wheels that he LOVES to play with. Leapfrog has a cute My First Leaptop laptop that we got him for Christmas just prior to his birthday and they also make a smartphone-like cellphone that has buttons and a screen and counts along. The My Pal Scout toy is another one Jay still likes and he's had it since birth.

    Water tables are great for summer - I've seen other mommy bloggers post pics of their kids playing in them so we went out and got Jay one and set it up on our deck recently - he seems to enjoy it!

  6. Some things I've (already) thought about for Baby F's first birthday: Radio Flyer wagon, wooden building blocks, playhouse/kitchen set, a pool, more books, kids instrument set and children's world music...