Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Letting Go

When Gianna was first born the thought of leaving her with a babysitter or putting her in child care was out of the question. After working at my hometown's police department for a few years I heard way too many horror stories that I became paranoid for life. I do have a good friend that will watch Gianna from time to time but as Gianna gets older I think it would be better for her to be in her own environment. Especially now that separation anxiety has really started to set in.
So I've been considering drop in care or hiring a baby sitter. No day cares in town have any openings for a child under 12 months even for there drop in or part time programs. So I think the baby sitter is the best route. And that usually means a teenager. Which makes me so nervous. But I started baby sitting when I was 12 and continued to do so until I was 21. So I need to ease up and start looking for a baby sitter. I know some of you are thinking why does a SAHM need a baby sitter. I will tell you why. With baby number two on the way I have been so sick. Some morning I plop Gianna in her bouncer and turn on bubble guppies for a few hours while I try to relax in between running to the bathroom. And when it comes time to cleaning the house that's outta the question. Gianna loves any type of cord and follows me around pulling on them. And running errands has become a nightmare. No matter how tight I strap her in this child is a little Houdini. She gets outta anything. I'll be pushing the cart and all of a sudden she's standing up almost falling out. And it would be nice to have someone watch Gianna when I go to my dr apps. I have to be seen every two weeks now and between the half hour drive it takes to get there, the 30 mins or so I have to wait to be seen and then the drive home Gianna is a mess. So a little extra help would be nice
I'm not talking every day. Maybe once a week at most. And for only two or three hours at a time. I think this will really help Gianna to.
So mommies any thoughts on hiring a babysitter. Especially a teenaged one. What should I be looking for. What questions should I ask? Thanks for your help
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  1. If you go to sittercity you can get a free membership for military and that is where I found my first babysitter for Madison when she was younger. They do all the background checks for you and so I met a few of them and asked them their experience etc and found a great one : ) If it is just for a few hours of sanity anyone would love to play with Gianna and it will do her some good too : )

  2. i have a girlfriend who is a SAHM and has a one full day a week book with a sitter she usually uses in two half-day increments. One half-day for appointments and the other half-day once a week to clean. It varies obviously. Sometimes appointment is a lunch date with a friend and a trip to the store. But the cost of it is minimal when she secures with the sitter to pay one full day a week whether she uses it all or not. And she is always guarnteed a little me time. or the ability to be sick, or clean hour or make life easier on everyone and go to the doctor while her two little ones play.

    I suggest- asking about infant/child cpr and first aid. Offering to pay for it if you want. Red Cross offers classes all over the country for about $90.

    Reliability. Importance of timeliness for you. Expectations. References. Experience.

    If possible start with those that other people refer you to.

    Good luck!

  3. Have you looked at SitterCity? They offer free memberships to military and background checks on the people!

  4. Does your base have in home childcare providers? They are normally referred to as an FCC provider here on the AFB. A list of providers can be found at the Family readiness Center or Child development center. The youth center has a babysitting program and has a list of certified babysitters. Some are young 14 or 15 but they are all required to take a cpr and first aid class. I found an awesome babysitter. She is 15 but knows so much about little kids and did so well with my son. Most of the time you pay what you can. If looking for a babysitter that young, pretty sure day time availability is slim since they go to school. But Mia ( my youth center babysitter) is awesome for evenings and weekends. Good luck on your hunt!!

  5. Sitter is free for military and I hear wonderful things about it!

  6. You get a free account with Sitter City for being military. I use it because it has background checks, profiles, and reviews.