Monday, May 7, 2012

My Co-Parent

With the hubby constantly coming and going more often than not I play the role of single Mom. And while that comes with the territory of being a army wife sometimes it's hard to do everything all by myself.

Luckily I have my co-parent. My best friend Amber. Our husbands have been on the same team for awhile now but Amber and I didn't start hanging out until we both moved down here to Fl. After Gianna was born she was always stopping by bringing me coffee and visiting which was much needed during those first few weeks of sleepless days and nights. And since our husbands are usually gone at the same time we always get together for dinner or play dates with the kids to help combat the loneliness and boredom that can settle in when your husband is always gone. In fact Amber has been the one to come with me all my er trips with Gianna and I watched her kids when she miscarried this past fall. We even have a rule that if we don't hear from each other in a 24 hour period that we go over to one another's houses and check to make sure everything is ok. With our husbands always gone and our families thousands of miles away it's nice to have a friend I can count on. We now jokingly call each other our co-parents and our husbands jokingly refer to us as the same

Yesterday Amber and I had gone to a friends baby shower. We had driven together since we were unsure as to where the shower was located. M kept Gianna for me and Amber had her two kiddos with her since her husband is outta town

On the 15 minute drive back to ambers house after the shower her three year old fell sleep. When we arrived at Amber's I got in my car and started to drive away. Amber who had been getting Jaelee outta her car seat ran to the road and motioned for me to stop. As I got outta the car she told me to look at Jaelee. Poor thing was covered in hives everywhere. So off to the er we went. When the dr entered the triage room he looked at both Amber and I and addressed us by saying "oh you must be the Schmidt's. It was hysterical. This guy thought we were a lesbian couple! We would have corrected him but having to restrain a terrified three year old while she got a shot of Benadryl and steroids wasn't the right time. And of course while amber comforted her daughter afterwards I was the one the dr went over the paperwork with further making him believe I was the mother or father lol. Luckily Jaelee was fine and it turned out to be a reaction to something. Nothing major. So we all got a good laugh out of it. Our husbands thought it was hilarious! I guess that what co parents and good friends are for

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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  1. that's awesome. I have no kids and my hubby is gone 70% of the time... so someone like that is definitely one in a million!