Monday, May 21, 2012

Baby boy

Saturday we found out that we were expecting a baby boy. And I'm still in shock from the news

Going into the ultrasound I was so convinced it was another girl. I had the nursery all planned. Down to the purple/grey walls, and an accent wall with this amazing purple and black damask style wall paper that would go amazing with this gorgeous white furniture set I found at Ashley's. You could say I never factored in it could be a boy. Hubs too was convinced it was a girl.

While we were waiting for the ultrasound machine to warm up even the ultrasound tech commented that she thought it was a girl since its been her experience that when pregnancies are close together they are usually the same gender. I smirked and smiled ready to see our baby girl

After getting some great pics of our little one and seeing her move around in my belly we zoomed in on the gender. She pointed something out and asked of we knew what it was. When we said we didn't know she told us it wasn't a third leg and we were expecting a boy. I was shocked. M was speechless. We could not believe it.

After getting some more good pics of our little one off we went to target to buy baby boy some clothes. M was giddy as he found a star wars shirt and a bunch of other cute outfits. I couldn't help sneaking peeks at all the cute girly clothes and Tutus that were calling my name.

How am I going to raise a boy? I am such a girly girl and can easily envision signing up Gianna for ballet and attending her dance recitals. But a football game? Or soft ball? And dealing with a crazy kid running and jumping all over the house. What am I in for? My brother and hubby were joking that this kid is going to be Mr distructo. My husbands mini me.

And that makes me smile. Although Gianna is looking more and more like her daddy each day I can't wait to have another version of the hubs running around. I am excited to have two of each and while Gianna's a daddy's girl I know that baby boy will be a mommys boy. And when we are in the midst of an emotional temper tantrum from Gianna I will have one calm little boy to balance it out!

Here's a pic of my beautiful baby boy

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  1. he is going to be the sweetest boy ever!!

  2. Congrats!! Boys are so sweet, and love their mommys :)

  3. oh girl, I cried when our second baby was a girl and not another boy, I just was so convinced, but it has been the most awesome experience and you will LOVE having a boy!

  4. I have a BaBy Boy (SeB@sTi@N) almost Gianna's age. My due date was July 19th 2011 & was actually born on 07/25/11 when I was preggo I swear it was a Girl & when I scheduled an ultrasound as my Valentine's Day 02/14/11 I fount out it was a boy I was shocked I wanted my little girl, but today I couldn't be happier I am sure you are going to love you BaBy - CoNgR@TuL@TiOnS on your BaBy Boy

  5. Congrats on your precious baby boy!

  6. Awww congratulations! You and you husband will just be doing great in raising a little boy.

  7. Yay! Congrats! How exciting! I hope to get pregnant again this fall and I want a boy so badly!

  8. YAY!! Congrats...I love that you'll both have mini mes :)

  9. That's so exciting!! Congrats on the news.

  10. I always saw myself having a little girl, and until we had that ultrasound, up until the night before my gut was telling me it was a girl. But surprise surprise, boy!

    I was soooo nervous about having a little boy - growing up, I mostly babysat girls and the boys I did sit for, they were all potty trained so changing them wasn't an issue... I was sooo nervous about that!

    But as a good friend of mine who also had a son 1st told me, it comes naturally. You'll figure it out and it'll be practically second nature! And she was right - it's almost funny, looking back, at how nervous I was about raising a little boy. And while Jay's destructive like typical little boys are, we just make due and roll with it.

    Boys are a lot of fun, although I will admit, all the little girly girl clothes at work do make me hope that we eventually have a girl at some point! =)