Thursday, May 17, 2012

Baby Led

When Gianna was born we did many things others felt we shouldn't. Such as co-sleeping, nursing on demand, rocking and nursing her to sleep and following her schedule instead of putting her on one. A few months ago I even had friends sit me down to "talk" to me about what I was doing wrong with Gianna.

Let's just say I haven't talked to them much since then. For one I've learned that parenting is trial and error. There are a million ways to do things, some right, some wrong and at the end of the day you had to do whatever works for you. Not what works for someone else. And I've come to the conclusion that when babies are ready to do something they will do it on their own.

I was warned Gianna would never go to sleep on her own and that if we weren't careful we'd have a toddler sleeping with us. So when Gianna turned 9 months I was determined to have her sleeping in her crib and through the night. Up until this point she was still sleeping with me and nursing every two hours. I thought it would take weeks for her to sleep in her crib. Nope after three days Gianna was sleeping in her crib and sleeping through the night. It was heaven!

The next thing on my to do list with Gianna was to start to wean. So I bought some formula and started giving it to her in both. Kettles and silly cups. She also started eating 3 full meals a day which helped in the weaning process. Gianna loved the formula I bought and now begs for her "baba's". I still try to nurse but Gianna wants nothing to do with that anymore. Instead my "boobies" have become her new toys which she likes to play with and bite. Not fun for me. So bottles she gets. Although I will say I'm so glad we breastfed for as long as we did. Formula is expensive and we go through it like crazy. Baby number 2 will def be breastfed as well

Pacifiers and thumb sucking. Never an issue! One less habit for me to break

It is amazing how less and less of a baby Gianna is and how more and more of a toddler she's becoming. It's funny to me how some people bash attachment parenting and insist those kids will be needy,clingy, and dependent. Nothing could be further from the truth with Gianna. This girl is as independent and fearless as they come. It's sad in a way since she needs me less and less but its so much fun watching her grow and explore the world around her.

These past 10 months have been crazy, amazing, terrifying, exhausting and the best ten months of my life. I think I did pretty good during my first few months of motherhood and my advice to new moms or moms to be is don't sweat it. Everything is a learning process that takes a lot to trial and error. Don't let others tear oh down because your not doing something the way they did. That just puts more stress on you. Just like your parenting style may be different, your baby is different from their child as well. So good luck and enjoy it. For babies grow up way to fast

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  1. I agree with you. I worry sometimes we aren't doing the right thing, but we are following our baby's lead.

  2. Sounds like you are doing EXACTLY what is right for your family...and go you for breastfeeding so long! Hate people with their opinions and judgements.

  3. You have it right! Do what is right for YOU and no one else. Sure take suggestions and ask for advice when you want to but never let anyone tear you down for doing it differently or not up to their standards. It comes down to the simple fact that she is your child and what you say goes.
    I really do wish that people would not judge others. It makes things that much harder.

  4. I can't believe "friends" felt the need to sit you down and try to "correct" you! What a bunch of nosy-bodied women. I'm so glad you have stopped speaking to them. We're co-sleeping, and baby-led as well and it's working just fine for us. Attachment parenting is great for some people. Like you said, what works for one doesn't always work for another. Keep doing what you're doing! And congrats on the new little boy coming your way!