Thursday, May 3, 2012

Flying with a baby

Before baby number two makes its appearance I thought I should take a trip home to visit my family and friends. Because there is no way I will be flying or driving anywhere with two kids under two for quite awhile. So family if your reading this this means that y'all are more than welcome to come visit us anytime or during any holiday but we won't be coming home!

So in a few weeks I will be heading back to Wisconsin to visit everyone. I must admit I'm not exactly looking forward to the visit. It's always hectic trying to cram in seeing everyone in a weeks time. It's certainly never a vacation and since the hubs isn't coming it will be just Gianna and I. The thought of flying with a 10 month old is enough to send me into a panic. I'm hoping that during my layover I can have one of this carts drive us to our next gate. Will they do that lol?

So mommies any advice for flying with a baby. There arent too many toys Gianna is into that I'll be able to take on the plane and she hates sitting still. Shes such a squirmer. So any advice or tips at all is much appreciated

All in all I'm looking forward to seeing my family. Especially my grandparents since all they ask about is when they will be able to see Gianna again. My grandpa is having a very serious surgery in a few weeks so I really want to spend a lot of time with him. Gianna is the light of his life and I know it will mean alot for him to see her.
I just hope that despite having to see a lot of people in so little of time I still will be able to relax. I'm sure once the flight is over I'll be much more relaxed already!

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  1. You can ask that they bring you the stroller to the door of the plane so that it is waiting for you when you land which is a big help! Also, don't board first with all of the other families, you will be sitting down for too long before the plane even moves so board last if you can! Once that seatbelt sign is turned off its just a lot of walking up and down so that Gianna can watch everything going on around her and be distracted!

  2. you two will do great, your mommy strength will kick into full force when the time arrives! i remember being SUPER oVER anxious about driving to florida with avrie- "how was she going to handle the 20+ hour drive!?" i couldn't even fathom it! well it all turned out great and you are right once the time is here and you are on the plane you will feel better. us mommies cant help but to over think and worry about everything when a major event approaches.

  3. I fly a lot with my daughter and I've got the security, waiting at the gate, navigating the airport, and boarding the plane down to a science but the flight itself always makes me want to drink heavily.
    The best thing is to use an umbrella stroller to get from gate to gate. I always pack light too and even though I hate looking like a tourist with a backpack it really is the easiest way to carry your wallet, phone, and baby stuff. When I use my cute tote bags it makes it harder to hold her and when I bend to pick her up they smash her in the head. I tried flying at all different times and I think early early mornings are best (for us) because she's still tired when we take off and by the time we get where we're going she's ready for her nap. Also, it means she's hungry when she wakes up in flight so that keeps her busy for a bit. I was MORTIFIED when I found out our plane didn't have a baby changing thing in the bathroom (some planes do) and I had to drape her over the toilet top to change her! Bring sani-wipes!
    The only thing that worked when she was 10/11 months was giving her my make up bag. She took everything out one by one, inspected it, and put it into the barf bag. Then transfered them back and forth for a long time - it was magic. Other than that I just watched the minutes tick by and prayed for sanity. People have always been really nice to us though...there's always "the look of fear" when you walk down the aisle because people don't want you to sit next to them though haha

  4. Do not be afraid to ask for help at the airport. That's what those carts are for! Also, don't expect her to be perfect on the plane. Just go ahead and prepare yourself for that. People will understand, and if they don't, oh well. I was so worried that people would hate us and say mean things to us when Betsy cried, but almost everyone was kind and some even played with/talked to her. I hope everything goes smoothly, and if it doesn't that's okay. :)

  5. We flew with Delia when she was a year old. She ended up napping on all of our flights! I'd just be sure to bring a bottle or sippy and snacks! We bought Delia some new little toys that she hadn't seen before that kept her occupied when she wasn't napping! We also made sure to bring her blanket and her lovey! Hope she does ok for you =) I'm flying with Delia alone at the end of the month and it's giving me anxiety. LOL. It'll be interesting to see how she handles sitting in my lap the entire time!

  6. You'd be surprised what you can do with two littles! I flew from NC to MO last summer with our 2yr old and 9 month old. I suggest snacks if she's eating little puffs or anything like that. We had a portable DVD player and lots of snacks. The hum of the plane might also put her to sleep. Worked for my munchkins :) You can do it!

  7. We didn't ever buy seats when we've flown with kiddos, bit we've been able to use it if there is extra space on the plane. We also did sippy cups and bottles at take off and landind to help with ears. People generally love babies, so most will just eat up her cuteness!