Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Boy or Girl?

Saturday we have a 3D ultrasound scheduled. I cannot wait to find out if we are having a boy or girl. I thought it would be fun to look up old wives tales and try to predict what I am having!

1. The Chinese gender prediction chart.
According to this chart I am having another girl. It was right with Gianna so we shall see if it's accurate this time

2. Baby's heartbeat.
140+ = Girl
Below= Boy
At our first few appts it was in the 150's. Last appt it was 140. So according to this girl.

3. Sweets vs Salt
If your craving sweet food they say it's a girl. Salty for a boy. Last pregnancy I craved sweets. This one I am still so sick anything I keep down is a miracle but my cravings are more on the sweet side. So girl again

4. High vs low
If your capturing high is a girl. Low it's a boy. I'm not really showing yet so my bump is still low. One for a boy

5. The Mayan chart( lets hope this is wrong since then I might have to give credit to their 2012 predictions)
If both the age of conception and year conceived is even or odd it's a girl. If one is even and one is odd it's a boy. I was 27 at the time baby was conceived so that makes one odd and one even. Boy

6. Pimples!!!
If you are breaking out like crazy it's a girl. If not its a boy. I broke out like crazy with Gianna but haven't had one pimple so far. So boy I guess! Though I had a friend who broke out horribly and she had a boy

7. The wedding ring trick
Put your ring on a string and hold it above your belly. If it swings back and forth it's a girl. In a circle boy. It swung back and forth so girl again

8. Sick as a dog
Sick= girl. No sickness= boy
I was and am horribly sick. Nauseous all day. It's awful so once again it's a girl

So that's 5 for a girl and 3 for a boy

In all honesty I could care less. I mean I would love love a girl. I never had a sister and although I was close to my brother I always envied my two cousins who def had a close sisterly bond. Not to mention we are fully set for clothes
However we have a boys name and bedding set all picked out if pea it is a boy. And we can't agree on anything if it's another girl.
So Saturday we shall see

Weigh in and let me know what y'all think we are having

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  1. exciting! cant wait to hear what baby is :)

  2. I vote girl… :-) People always talk about wanting one of each, but I think it's awesome to want two girls! Having a sister is amazing… Having a brother isn't so bad either though!! Congratulations, again Katie! Can't wait to hear what you'll be blessed with next! xo