Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Let Her Be

It's crazy to believe that Gianna is a few short month's away from turning 3. As each month passes Gianna's personality is starting to emerge more and more. She's such a little person with her own likes and dislikes. We  have full out conversations, she asks questions about everything and is smart as a whip. She is so much more than the picture I paint of her on this blog which usually tends to be negative since I'm venting about how to deal with her behavior. I just need to keep reminding myself that she is a child. A 2.5 year old at that. She is not a little adult and she also has to deal with her dad coming and going due to his job. I need to give her some grace and allow her to be who she is going to be. With that there are so many things that I hope she will be. Many of which will take guidance and teaching from her dad and I. Parenting is hard work and it's not a 9-5 job. So Gianna here are some of my hopes and wishes for you, my beautiful, sweet, funny little girl
Let Her Be...
Pretty( You already are)-Both on the inside and out. Let her be the one that everyone want's to be friends with because she is kind, honest and trustworthy. The kind that will befriend anyone and who treats her friends with respect
A Nerd-Let her love to read and hold on to the innocence of childhood as long as possible. Whether it's believing in Santa Claus or playing with dolls into middle school. Let her decide when it's time to give up those things instead of being pressured by society
Loved- Let her always know how much her Dad, Brother and I love her and that when it comes to finding the man of her dreams she falls for someone who treats  and loves her the way that we do.
Stubborn- Let her never settle for anything less than she's worth. Whether it be a friend, boyfriend, job, a grade, etc. Let her work hard and strive for the things that she wants out of life
Confident-Let her never have to struggle with or worry about perfecting the perfect duck face, a thigh gap or not having the "right" body type. Let her be confident in the body type she does have without feeling like she has to change herself physically to fit in
Whatever she wants to be-If she want's to be a ballerina, Great. If she want's to be a Dr, go right ahead. The point is you can be whatever you want to be Gianna. Never let anyone tell you otherwise
Herself-Always be yourself no matter what. Stand up for what you believe in. Stand up for other's. Don't follow the crowd and never let anyone tell you how who to be or how to act. You are your own person, with likes and dislikes that may differ from others. Never be ashamed of who you are and don't try to change who you are
These are my hopes for you baby girl.

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