Monday, April 21, 2014

Beach Ballet

Gianna has ballet every Monday in Navarre. It's about a 40 min drive from our house so I try to plan activities to do after her class ends and make a day out of our trip. With warm weather finally approaching I've been wanting to make Mondays our official beach day. However the weatherman have no clue what they are doing down here and every Monday it's either rainy or cold. Today was no exception. Well according to the weather. It was supposed to be cooler and cloudy. So imagine my surprise that it was actually sunny and 70 something today. Gianna requested to go to Publix and get a "sammich" after class and then go to the beach. I had to agree. Although our suits and towels were at home we went anyway and I'm so glad I did

I had Gianna practice her recital dance while at the beach and snapped pics as she frolicked and danced away. Days like these are good for the soul
Sunshine arms
Her puppy dog tail 

And I can't forget about Ethan. Last week at the beach he screamed for a good forty minutes because he disliked the Sand and cold water.(the next day he had the stomach bug that's been going around so that explains it) today however he was a daredevil. Running in the water, playing, singing and having a blast. 

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