Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Push Presents

When I was 28 weeks pregnant with Gianna we PCS'd to Florida. Since I was no longer working I had a lot of free time on my hands to sit and watch reality tv. Some of my favorite shows at that time was Pregnant in Heels and The Real Housewives. I watched a few episodes where the woman talked about what they received as Push Presents(gifts given to them by their husbands after they had given birth) Some of these gifts were impressive. Expensive brand new cars, a new diamond ring, etc, etc.
My poor husband got so tired of being asked what he got me for my push present. To be honest I didn't expect much. We put a lot of money into our new house and had just gone down to one income. With a baby on the way I knew all our extra money needed to be spent wisely so I set my expectations low. I mean pink diamond earrings in honor of our baby girls isn't that expensive. I figured out quickly that the wedding band that matched my wedding set was out of the question. Still I knew I'd get something thoughtful and romantic to celebrate this occasion. I mean I did just give birth to his child after all
But baby birth day came and went and I didn't get my push present. Since my baby was the best present I could ever ask for I didn't give it much thought. Until a few months later when my husband came home with a push present for me
When G was a month old the husband had to go away for training. The training was only an hour away, still he'd be staying with his unit overnight. Every few days the guys took turns and rotated who would go home to spend the day and night with their families. On the day it was M's turn to come home he walked into the door excited to show me the push present he finally purchase.
He started telling me about this cute boutique in Mobile, Al that he had came across and since it screamed my name he walked in. He said he started talking to the shop owner and somehow the topic of conversation turned into asking if he had children. He replied that he did and the woman asked what he had gotten me for my push present. Shamefully he said nothing and she laughingly chided him. Now he felt really bad and he set his mind to getting me a push present. He explained that the store was totally my style and when he came across some cross necklaces he knew what to get me.
Now before I reveal my present I should explain that I do love crosses. I have a cross tattoo on my ankle and will buy anything with a cross on it. Well to some extent. So when he said this I was pretty excited
He handed me the package, I opened it up with anticipation and struggled not to laugh when I saw the gift. He had gotten me a ...
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Rosary. A rosary. Not a cross necklace but an actual rosary. My Catholic Grandma would have been so proud. I struggled to smile instead of laugh and I didn't correct his little mistake. However since I stopped going to Catholic mass and instead go to a Methodist church I didn't have much use of it. So the rosary got thrown into my jewelry box and I needless to say never worn. Occasionally he'd ask why I never wore it, or mention that it would look good with an outfit I was wearing but having a baby and breastfeeding was a good excuse to use for why I wasn't wearing it
I had totally forgotten about the rosary until yesterday. I finally got around to organizing and cleaning the guest bed room and in a box full of baby shower cards and my pregnancy journal I found the box with the rosary in it. I got a good laugh and I may have even cried. I took out the rosary and vowed to not forget about it again. I may even hang it up in my room like a good Catholic girl should
I love that silly husband of mine. He tries so hard and really does love us like crazy

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  1. Oh boy that is too funny. It's the thought that counts right?? :)