Thursday, April 10, 2014

Favorite Tv Shows-Toddler edition

Before and after I had my daughter I swore up and down that she would not watch any tv until she was two. And then she turned 6 months old and I found out I was pregnant. With a  deployed husband and 20 weeks of non stop nausea and vomiting my baby girl watched a little more tv than I would have liked. However I did try and make sure that what she watched was age appropriate and some what educational. Unless it was a Disney movie cause Mommy never says no to a Disney movie. Now that both kids are a little older and much more active I have cut down big time on the tv. It usually gets turned on in the morning for one program so we all can cuddle and wake up together and then not until dinner time when I use it to occupy the kids so I can throw dinner together. So low and behold here are our favorite tv shows
Bubble Guppies
I love the Preschool Prep series and my kids always ask to watch the dvd's or read the corresponding books! Learning can be fun
And of course
Poor Ethan, Since he doesn't talk much yet he doesn't really have a say in what gets turned on. Pretty soon he will be fighting with Gianna over what show gets turned on
What are your kid's favorite tv shows?

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