Thursday, April 3, 2014

The Month of the Military Child

April is the month of the Military Child. Since Gianna has been born my husband has been deployed or gone on TDY's more than when we first got married. Before he left again we added up his actual time home and basically in the last three years he has been home a total of 6 months. Not consecutively but a weekend here, a week there. It's sad when you think about all the things he misses out on and how much time away he spends from his family
I am fortunate that the kids are too little  to really understand what is going on but Gianna is starting to. The other day she asked if Daddy was working with Santa Claus. I went with it and told her yes, that he was away working with Santa. Then when the husband called I told him he needed to come back with a suitcase full of toys!  I try to make up a silly story to explain why Daddy's away to make things a little easier for her. She knows he's gone for work but doesn't really understand that concept. When she sees a man in uniform or see's M's truck in the driveway she gets excited thinking it's him
The other day as I was taking the kids for a walk Ethan kept calling out for 'Dada". Gianna turns, looks at him and says No Buba. Daddy doesn't live with us anymore. Broke my heart.
Every time I set my phone down on the floor Ethan runs to it and starts hitting it saying Hi Daddy. Right now my kids think it's normal to only have a phone conversation with their dad and kisses are given by kissing my iPhone screen.
This military lifestyle is hard. And when my husband comes home it's not always  rainbows and sunshine. There's always that initial adjustment period for all and the kids are constantly having to adjust, readjust, get used to a new schedule, etc. It can get exhuasting
Yet as hard as this lifestyle  it is also pretty amazing. I still puff up with pride every time I pull onto post knowing that my husband serves our country and I couldn't be more proud of him and all that he does. And of course I am proud of my children. They weather this lifestyle with ease. I hope it continues that way as they get older but so far we have a routine down pat and they adjust and readjust like the  best of them.
Happy Month of the Military child.

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