Wednesday, April 2, 2014

I'll Eat you up I love you so

This little man is weeks away from turning 18 months. 1.5 years old. Where has the time gone?
Ethan you are an utter delight. When people ask what it's like to have a son, I can't even find the words to describe it. The bond between a mother and son is truly magical. Your smile lights up the room and makes my heart burst.
-You are so easy going. You can wander around and find ways to amuse yourself. You do like me close by at all times but are getting better about spending some time playing on your own
-You are finally starting to stick up for yourself when it comes to your sister. Although she loves you she is learning how to share herself and this means that she tends to bully you into giving up your toys or yelling at you when you touch one of hers. Don't tell her but when you try and smack her I have to hide my laughter because in my head I'm thinking it's time she gets a little payback although I have to discipline you somewhat
-You are my little helper. You love to follow me around when I vacuum or wash the floors and you will spend hours pushing the steam cleaner around the kitchen. I hope this hobby lasts well into the teenage years
-You love to eat. You have what is called toddler diarrhea. With that comes a high metabolic rate but a immature digestive system. Meaning you are always hungry due to your body metabolizing food at a fast rate but you poop constantly because your digestive system can't keep up. You eat me out of house and home kiddo. One day you eat 3 lunches alone. Luckily we eat pretty healthy around here and I am under Dr's orders to feed you when your hungry.  But let's try and tone it down a bit ok. As it is I buy a thing of banana's every other day
-You are such a cuddle bug. Finally! You liked to cuddle when you were little but once you turned 6 months you preferred to be put in your crib and left alone. No rocking, snuggling or holding. It made me so sad. Within the past few month's you love to be held and rocked and you will come up to me and just snuggle into me many times throughout the day. My hear melts
-You are talking like crazy and saying no words any day
- You are quite the climber and have no fear. When I take you to the playground you will climb up the big kid's jungle gym and slide down the tallest slide possible. It gives me a heart attack but it makes you crack up hysterically
-You can sing and dance to Let It Go along with your sister and I. It is so cute
-You are 25 pounds and wear 24m to 2T in clothes.
-You are attached to your stuffed monkey and baby and need both to sleep. You can also imitate the monkey sounds when holding your monkey
-All of your favorite items are called "Baby" Whether' its a spoon, bottle, fork, blanket, monkey, toy, etc. Even though you know the name of the item you call it a baby. It is the cutest thing
- You love bananas and usually eat three a day
-You love your milk and bottles
-You love bath time but hate getting your diaper changed
-You still hate being away from me but are getting better at being in the nursery during church and things
- You are the sweetest, silliest, cutest little boy I have ever met. I just want to eat you up I love you so

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  1. He is so adorable, such a handsome little man!