Friday, May 17, 2013

Post Baby Body

Now that I am officially done nursing and being pregnant for awhile it is time to get my pre baby body back. However that will be harder than it looks. For one since having my babies I gain weight in totally different places than I did before. 2 it is hard to commit to a exercise routine with a husband who is always gone. the y is the only gym here in town with childcare and they don't accept babies until they are 6 months of age.With the summer months approaching and our family vacation a month away it is time to start to get in shape

My goal is to start doing a exercise video a few times a week and start going for lots of walks with the kiddos around our neighborhood. And I really need to cut out the soda, coffee, coffee creamer, and processed foods. If only I didn't lvoe food so much! Or have a husband who survived off of rice and lamb for months on end and who can devour anything in sight without gaining  a pound

But maybe if I put myself out there on this blog I can hold myself accountable. From here on out no more soda or junk food. I need to increase my intake of fruits, vegetables, drink lots of water and exercise more. We leave for our trip June 20th. I'm hoping to at least by then have lost 5 pounds and at the very least be well on my way to re-toning my body and gaining some definition besides baby flab

One of the hardest things about my post baby body is finding a swimsuit for the beach. I don't want to wear a two piece and scare all the tourists. My stretch marks and extra baby weight may be too much for some to habdle. however all the one pieces I have purchased I have ended up returning. They all make me look even fatter than my two pieces which I never thought possible. I mean I thought one pieces were supposed to suck everything in and hide it all. Not make me look 20 pounds heavier than I already am. And why are they cut so high. All one pieces make my thighs and hips look ginermous. And since they are plenty big to begin with I don't need any more help in that regard. So if anyone has found any cute, flattering one pieces let me know

and tomorrow I am going to start on my path on becoming healthy! Wish me luck


  1. I have this suit and LOVE it! I've worn it post baby (I think my son was 2 months old when I got it) and when I got my pre-baby body back and it was super flattering on me both times. You really can't go wrong. It's a little pricey but the material is a lot nicer than any of my other suits (I usually get mine at Old Navy).

  2. I have never found a one piece that flatters. They all make me look kinda squat. Tankinis are the way to go. I've bought them everywhere from Target to Old Navy to Victoria's Secret. It's all I wear now. They conceal my stomach and still somewhat flatter. Good luck! I can't give up soda at all.

  3. You will do amazing!!! :)

  4. Good luck lady! I think I would cry if I ever cut out creamer or Diet Coke. Have you tried the Jillian Michaels workout DVD's? Those are my absolute favorite for when my husb is working weird hours and I have to fit in a workout with two kids. They're only 20 minutes long.

    Also what about a tankini? I've always found they are way more flattering than a one piece

  5. Have you looked into tankinis? There are some really cute ones by Ralph Lauren and Kenneth Cole! I also found a really cute one at Target that I get tons of compliments on. I got stretch marks with Ivey so I'm too self conscious to wear a two piece around a ton of people. We live at the beach like yall, so we're always in bathing suits! I made it my mission to find some cute alternatives to a two piece for the times we're around a lot of people!

  6. luck. i am in the same boat but not with a vacay to look forward just summer in general!