Thursday, May 30, 2013


Ethan you are 7 months old. This has been your month! You have changed so much these past few weeks it is unbelievable

Teething hit you hard this past month. Finally I see your two bottoms teeth are trying to poke there way through and you aren't as uncomfortable.

Yesterday you crawled for the first time and a few days ago you sat unassisted and pulled yourself up to standing by using my leg. As usual as you do anything new and exciting I was right there clapping and cheering you on, all the while brushing back tears because my baby is growing up so fast

You have such a personality now. Your sister makes you laugh non stop. You love to watch her. Usually she does things that your dad and I think will either Hurt or annoy you, yet it sends you into a fit of uncontrollable giggles

You get up around 6am, play for a bit and then are ready for a nap by 9. You love falling asleep in your car seat or in your crib with your lovie in hand and your sound machine playing music. How long you nap varies and we spend the rest of the day playing and napping. You go to bed around 830/9 and you will sleep until about 4am when you wake up to eat.

You are exclusively formula fed. I was nursing you at night or for comfort when needed but the past few nights when I tried to nurse you you weren't having it :( my big boy is growing up

You wear 12 month clothes and are in size 3 diapers

You finally started liking the beach. You played in the sand as if you were playing in snow. Grabbing fistfuls and eating it or throwing it in your face. Thank goodness for baby powder.

You still have the best laugh and smile. Your bouncer is your favorite toy and you are changing more and more every day

We can't wait to take you on your first family vacation in a month. You have completed our family in so many ways. We love you baby boy

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