Wednesday, May 8, 2013

20 Random Facts about myself

I'm joining Baby Making Machine in her 30 things my Kids Should Know about me. Here is day 1.

20 Random Facts About Myself

1. I am afraid of tornados

2. I hate snakes

3. I love reading

4. I was a dancer for 17 years. tap, ballet, jazz and tap

5. I hate running

6. I love going to the beach

7. I'm from Milwaukee, Wisconsin

8.  Baked Potatoes are my favorite food

9.  I never liked pizza until I was in my 20's

10.I love swimming

11. I used to love scary movies and now can't watch them

12. I am horrible at anything art related, drawing, painting, crafting. Hopefully your daddy will help you with school projects

13. I stink at math. Another subject your father will have to help you with

14. Potato chips are my weakness

15. I am very sensitive and emotional

16. I used to have bad OCD as a child

17. I have to sleep with a door open and a light on

18. Shopping is one of my favorite past times

19. Target is my favorite store

20. As a kid I hated cake. I would only eat ice cream cake


  1. Your first 3 , I completely agree with.

  2. We have #15 in common! Way too emotional for my own good.

  3. fun! i love learning new things about my fav bloggy friends! :)